SPU funds TC3 Thursday meals

Bridging social gaps with food, interaction

Emily Hansum, the student liaison to Tent City 3, came to senate with a proposal, this time sponsored by senators Lillian Hollar and Leanna Temple. This proposal will provide the funds for student groups to prepare and serve a meal for the Tent City 3 residents. There will be nine opportunities for students groups to […]

Remembering those serving our country

SPU receives a history lesson on Veteran’s Day

According to William Woodward, a history professor at SPU since 1974, who also served in the national guard for 25 years,Veterans Day is a time to pause and remember the importance of those who have served and those who continue to serve. Currently serving as the president of the Pacific Northwest Historians Guild, Woodward presented […]

Crime 11/15

Drug Abuse Referral On Nov. 13, the OSS received a report of an incident in Ashton Hall.   The Crime at SPU report is compiled weekly by the News Editor Kimberly See from information provided by the Seattle Pacific Office of Safety and Security. To report a crime, dial the Emergency Hotline at 206-281-2911.

Seattle Pacific honors Tristan Kern

“Thank you for being such a good church buddy to all us, classmate, and friend.”

Seattle Pacific University lost a student over Veteran’s Day weekend. According to several news sources, on Friday the 10th, third-year Tristan Kern was hiking in Olympic National Park on eroded rocky terrain when he fell. A search and rescue team was dispatched, but had to discontinue when it became too dark. Early the next morning […]

Contest inspires change

Social Venture event grows

Mark Oppenlander from the Center for Applied Learning recalls one Social Venture participant who discussed his experience with the competition. The first thing the student said, Oppenlander remembers, was “Thanks for ruining my college career.” According to Oppenlander, the then senior student was quick to explain that his experience had been so amazing and unrivaled […]

Diaz behind the scenes

Calling for change in leadership

In high school, Coraliz Diaz was involved in many leadership roles through Future Business Leaders of America. Her sophomore year of high school, she ran for the position of state vice president representing the capitol region and lost to a male counterpart. She felt that because the position had previously only been filled by boys, […]

Student costs, debt spiral out of control

Panel discusses economic impact

According to Forbes, as of February, the student loan debt sits at $1.3 trillion with 44.2 million borrowers. From the class of 2015, New Hampshire has the highest average loan per student at $36,101 and Utah has the lowest at $18,873. Within this range, Washington’s average is at $24,600. Student debt is a nationwide problem, […]

Rebranding SPU identity

Adjusting, accommodating changing demographics

Provost Jeff Van Duzer believes that Seattle Pacific University should be an intersection of faith and education in a city of the future. For him, how SPU should change its approach to Christianity is clear. “It is time for a bold, fresh expression of coming into our Christian identity,” he stated. While a majority of […]