Investing in stocks as an art form

With his long, curly hair and zip-up hoodie, senior Nick Johnson might be mistaken as someone who’s mainly concerned about how long snowboard season is going to last this year. But Johnson is more likely to use his Pearl Jam and Vans Shoes-stickered laptop to check the S&P 500 than the snow conditions at Snoqualmie. […]

Aesthetics follow Lauren Wilford

It is very rare that we come across poetic people. People who hold a certain esoteric, artistic quality about them that transcends the everyday, mindless routine of the rest of us. Someone whose composition is translated through their perseverance and self-discipline. Lauren Wilford is such a person. This graduating senior is going to enter a […]

Venture out into the city

Five years before I received my acceptance letter from SPU, I fell in love with Seattle on a summer vacation. It sounds dramatic, but that was exactly what happened. When the trip ended, all I could think about was the persistent rain and forestry. Getting off campus and exploring has been an integral part of […]

Christa Pierce to publish first book

Twenty-two-year-old senior Christa Pierce is getting her first book published. With the help of Steven Malk, a Writer’s House LLC literary agent, Pierce signed a two-book deal with HarperCollins on Friday for a children’s book she wrote and illustrated. Pierce said she has had a passion for children’s books since she herself was a child. […]