SPU lasts until NCAA second round

There were mixed emotions as Seattle Pacific University’s women’s soccer team watched the National Collegiate Athletics Association reveal the teams that would make the Division-II soccer tournament. “It was crazy,” sophomore defender Maddie Sjothun said. “There were some [of us] that were really confident and some that weren’t. It was the longest 30 seconds of […]

Baja ‘buggie’ team starts up at SPU

Team works to design, build race car

Team works to design, build race carFor junior Hunter McSwain, Seattle Pacific University’s new Baja Society of Automotive Engineers team is a chance for growth and fun. As a team leader for the new project, McSwain recognizes the unique opportunities Baja SAE presents for students involved. “Hands on experiences like this provide a learning experience that […]

Making a difference in orphan lives

‘Global orphan nation’ would be seventh largest

‘Global orphan nation’ would be seventh largestIn Ukraine, a young girl named Sasha is abandoned at the age of six years old. Doctors discover she is HIV positive with likely just two to three years left to live, and the orphanage tells her she will never be adopted. Despite the odds, Sasha’s story does not […]

Veteran’s Day Chapel controversy: Pre-chapel ceremonies contain disputed elements

  In response to public outcry, a solution to the recent Veteran’s Day Chapel service controversy came in the form of a pre-Chapel ceremony that included the Pledge of Allegiance and presentation of the colors. University administration planning the Veteran’s Day Chapel service made the decision to not include the Pledge of Allegiance and presentation […]

Play addresses difficult topics

‘Elephants Graveyard’ enlightens

‘Elephants Graveyard’ enlightens  They hanged an elephant. Opening Nov. 12, Seattle Pacific University’s Theatre Department takes on George Brant’s “Elephants Graveyard,” the story of a traveling circus show gone wrong, with boldness, triumph and grace. Set in September 1916 the tale opens with the Sparks World Famous Show that goes through the dingy old town […]