Portraiture examined, transformed

Onlookers forced to question Western history

Portraiture has an extensive history in Western art, reaching back to ancient Greece and extending to the late Renaissance. However, no single artist since the beginning of the craft has been able to capture the essence of Western societies’ people like Kehinde Wiley. Since 2001, Wiley has taken it upon himself to transform the stylistic […]

SVPC winners aim to improve feminine hygiene

Afya International’s sustainable menstruation cup to educate women

Posing with a giant check to flashing cameras and applause was the end of a long and difficult project, according to Afya International member Alea Fishel. “[Winning] surprised me but it also didn’t because we had all worked so hard, and we believed that it was really good, but to just see that confirmed was […]

“The Spitfire Grill” recreates familiar setting


    Anybody that has been on a road trip to a quintessential pass-through town will understand the setting of Seattle Pacific University’s newest production “The Spitfire Grill.” “Spitfire Grill” is a contemporary musical that made its Broadway debut in the fall of 2001 following a movie rendition originally in theatres in 1996. The fourth […]

African culture celebrated, revered

Tribute to Africa allows for audience engagement

The beauty of diversity. A parade of dance, vocal arrangements, spoken word, music and audience participation erupted in jubilee at Seattle Pacific University’s first ever Tribute to Africa on Friday, April 15, in Royal Brougham Pavilion. The night’s festivities began with a prayer by Director of the John Perkins Center Tali Hairston. Two years in […]