Estimated cost of attendance at SPU over $50,000

Next year's tuition up 4.7 percent, student financial assistance available

This article was updated on March 10, 2017 to reflect more accurate information. As the cost of living in Seattle keeps rising, so does the cost of attendance at Seattle Pacific University. In an email last Friday afternoon, President Dan Martin announced that tuition for the 2017-2018 academic year has risen to $40,464. After mandatory fees […]

Off the Bench: the senior walk-on

Senior guard Chris Bench hits memorable three at homecoming

As time ran down in the game, the ball whipped around until it found the open man. Finding its desired target, just inches in front of the SPU bench, the players stood in anticipation of the shot. All the teammates, grinning with hope while holding one-another back from the court, exploded with cheers and excitement […]

Narratives pack high emotions

Student directed one acts present companionship

REVIEW Fragile companionship and realization of loneliness were defining characteristics of this year’s One Acts Show. Every year, SPU theater students put on a series of one acts in which students run each aspect of the show from directing, set building and costuming, to acting and tech. Three Irish one acts are showcased this year: […]

Parodies abound at Ashton Cup

Women of sixth east take first place for second year

Corrections were made to this article on March 8, 2017 regarding titles and class standing.  A reverberating drum roll resounded through Royal Brougham Pavilion as the winner of the 2017 Ashton Cup was about to be announced. One of the Master of Ceremonies, junior Lola Sosanya flipped open an envelope and read the name of […]

Bill to raise tobacco buying age in Washington

Students reflect on bill as it aims to combat smoking among high schoolers

The first time junior John Bunch smoked a cigarette, he was 16 and he’d gotten it from a friend in high school. Smoking wasn’t strange to Bunch. He remembers many members of his family smoking throughout his childhood, but he hadn’t begun smoking himself until that day in high school. “Are you sure you want […]

Student gives voice to issues faced by Muslim grandparents

Concerned granddaughter speaks out regarding ban

  The first things Inger Jarvis noticed were the gnomes. Her favorite garden gnomes were shattered in front of her home in Florida after the presidential election. There had also been an influx of hate mail sent to her and her husband. The conflict always boiled down to one thing: Inger and her husband, Ernest […]

Floor skits establish community

Hill Hall’s annual Decade Skate allows creative freedom

The scene is set: two Ursula-esque women are rulers of a planet with no understanding of love, when suddenly kidnapped earthlings appear in their world. The aliens’ goal: to learn from the earthlings about love and to conduct various experiments. This plot allowed Fourth Hill Women to take home the first place overall golden skate […]