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Richard Sohn used technology to express his faith experiences

By , Assistant News Editor

Published: January 9 2013

Sophomore Richard Sohn, who was known for his passion for film, died on Dec. 30 after a tour bus he was riding crashed on I-84 in Oregon. He was 19.

Oregon State Police officially released his name as one of the 9 fatalities Tuesday, but friends and family were notified prior to the release.

Friends said they have good memories pulling “all-nighters” at Seattle Pacific University with Sohn.

“We would go to the art center …he and I and a couple other friends would go into one of the rooms. We should have been doing homework or studying for finals, but we looked at Youtube videos,” Sophomore Grace Kim said.

Sophomore Steven Cha said he enjoyed living on the same floor as Sohn his freshman year.

“He was two doors down from us. We would visit about every 15 or 20 minutes – procrastinating.”

Sohn would sometimes keep Cha company while he finished homework.

“He was selfless. He’d actually volunteer to stay up with me … he was the one who’d always be like, ‘Hey, Steven, do you need company?’” Cha said.

Sohn went to Newport High school in Factoria. Kim said she went to a

different high school than Sohn but ended up meeting him at a SAT prep class in Bellevue.

“When I found out we were going to the same school, we were so pumped; we were like, ‘oh we know someone now. We’re going to go to college together and become more close,’” Kim said.

Last year, Kim was in a science class with Sohn where she said he would always come to class dressed in flip-flops, basketball shorts and a hat.

Cha said Sohn’s favorite hat was a Chicago White Sox snap-back hat, even though he wasn’t a huge sports fan.

Sophomore Jackie Holm said she met Sohn in her freshman UCOR class. She said Sohn was obsessed with Apple products.

Holm said he was always trying to get her to switch her allegiance from her Samsung phone to the iPhone.

“He helped me jailbreak my phone … It took him like 30 minutes … He was very tech savvy,” Cha said.

Cha also said Sohn was “a man of God.” Sohn was actively involved with his church, Community Church of Seattle, which is located in Bothell.

A year ago, he and his friend, Haebin Seo, created DIVE Visual Arts Ministry.

DIVE VAM is a ministry designed to get high school students in Sohn’s and Seo’s church to creatively express themselves.

“If you didn’t know him, Richard was the nicest guy you’d ever meet, and had thoughts of studying film at USC, followed by aspirations of becoming a director,” Soe said in a written statement.

High school friends of Sohn created a Facebook event set for this Friday that asked for creative content they can compile in a movie to celebrate Sohn’s life and to give to his family and friends in honor of him.

“So as we all know, Richard Sohn loved to make movies. In fact, his dream was to make movies for the rest of his life. His passion and drive for it left us all inspired, and as a final dedication for him, Raymond [Mui] and I would like to make one more movie in memory of him and as something for his parents as well,” Francis Tran wrote on the event page.

Kim said people who knew Sohn are hurting. “You never imagine something like this would happen to a guy like Richard. He’s just so young … It really broke my heart. I know everyone one is trying to go on,” Kim said.

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