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Editorial Comment

Santa's existence is real, after all


Published: November 28 2012

As journalists, the editors of The Falcon are obligated to seek the truth. It is the fundamental element of journalism. Without truth, there would be no credibility or loyalty from our audience. Thus, it is our obligation to abide by factual evidence and maintain accuracy.

At times, the line of truth and falsehoods can be blurred. People lie and facts are misconstrued, and, as a result, it provides a difficult challenge to ensure the truth. One such example is the existence of Santa Claus. Apparently, many people in society don’t believe in Old Saint Nick. For journalists, this is downright shocking.

Like previously mentioned, truth is the foundation of journalism. And, upon further examination, the factual evidence of Santa Claus cannot be denied. First, there are firsthand sightings. Millions of people have confirmed sightings in malls, parades and other public events. It is the same year-after-year, with more people seeing him each year. Plus, it isn’t like Santa lives in a magical place. North Pole, Alaska has a population around 2,000, most of which are likely elves. People who write letters to Santa addressed to the North Pole always receive a letter back. This physical evidence further supports his existence.

Backing up Santa has been part of newspapers for over 100 years. In 1897, an eight-year-old girl named Virginia famously wrote a letter to the editor to The Sun regarding Santa’s existence. Francis Pharcellus Church wrote back, “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus … he lives, and he lives forever.”

As long as the truth is the focus of journalism, newspapers will continue to believe in Santa.

So, before you write us a letter to the editor, we can assure you one thing. Yes, Seattle Pacific, there is a Santa Claus … he lives, and he lives forever.

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