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Freshman makes immediate impact

Ian Adams ranks second on team with three goals

By , Staff Reporter

Published: October 24 2012

The freshman sets the ball in place for the senior to kick the penalty shot. Moments later, the ball is at the back of the net to tie up the game with three minutes left in regulation. Once again, Ian Adams finds a way to have an impact in his first year on the Seattle Pacific University men’s soccer team.

“With the guys that Coach [Mark Collings] has brought in, we’ve all found a similar style of play and have been able to work together as a whole,” Adams said. “It’s been nice trying to find a spot in what’s already a successful team.”

Adams, a forward from Shoreline, Wash., leads the crop of nine first-year freshmen on SPU’s roster. His assist in senior forward Richie Evoy’s late-game goal to tie the game at one in an eventual tie at University of Mary last Thursday night was his latest noteworthy achievement in his short time as a Falcon. After choosing SPU over a mix of other college programs, his decision is panning out thus far.

“I had a few offers, [including] St. Mary’s in California, and I also looked into Seattle University and some other schools around the country,” Adams said. “What I liked about SPU, though, was first of all the school. Although I’m here for soccer, I like the academics and the Christian environment.”

There was also a connection to Collings, which played a big part in making Adams’s transition to the team smooth. Having played for the Crossfire Academy while in high school, Adams was given the chance to both impress Collings from a scouting perspective, as well as learn about his style from playing against his club team.

“He knows what he’s talking about,” Adams said. “He knows when to be strict and stern, and when to give approval and tell us what we’re doing right. What I like is that he’s very structured in his ways, but still likes to try other things out and is open to new ideas.”

Even though Adams is taking the adjustment in stride, he still notices the differences and increase in intensity between the high school and college levels.

“The biggest difference for me is really the speed of play and how quick guys are to close you down on defense,” Adams said. “A lot of times you need to really be looking around and know what options you have, so that when guys do step, you have options.”

Playing with older guys also has its benefits in Adams’ eyes, as it provides his own team with experience and leadership. Those upperclassmen have a major connection with the success that the men’s team has had so far, as they currently stand at 6-1-4 in the Great Northwest Athletic Conference, second only behind Simon Fraser.

“It’s been amazing,” Adams said. “Having the seniors that we have has built a lot of unity, as they’ve had the chance to play together for multiple years. I’d say that it’s not just the success that’s been great, it’s the fact that our team, even through the success, looks for ways to get better.”

Adams’s contributions should not be understated, as he already has three goals on the season, second most on the team behind junior forward Blaine Carver, who is also the business manager for The Falcon newspaper. In addition, he has started four games, a significant feat for a freshman player on a prestigious squad like SPU.

“I have surprised myself a little bit,” Adams said. “Obviously I came here wanting to contribute right away, but I didn’t necessarily expect to have a big impact in my first year.”

As Adams continues to find his way at SPU and gain more experience, he hopes to gain a more prominent role both on and off the field in his future three years in a Falcon uniform.

“I want to be looked up to by the younger guys by the time I’m a senior,” Adams said. “I look at the senior guys we have now, and I want to be able to inspire that same type of motivation and unity. By the end of it all, though, I really just want to be a respected leader.”

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