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Student filmmaker duo pools talents

Team begins producing as they embrace their skills

By , Staff Reporter

Published: October 24 2012

When it comes to filmmaking, Justin Kauffman and Kolin Quick-Gunther are just getting started. Having met this quarter, they are already planning big things for the future.

By sharing their love of filmmaking and photography, they allow themselves to explore each other’s creativity and creat a bond.

Kauffman and Quick-Gunther came into SPU as a freshman and junior, respectively. Both are devoted and passionate about their hobby of filmmaking and photography. They have worked with SPU musician Kyle Winkler on a music video.

Both of them can be seen using the video camera along with their digital cameras, shooting and snapping images of anything they find interesting and worthy to share.

“This is something that just started out as boredom when I blew out my knee [last summer]” Kauffman said.

He recalls starting to experiment with photography and film when he took family trips to Glacier National Park in his home state of Montana.

While Quick-Gunther doesn’t have quite the extensive background as Kauffman when it comes to filming, he does have a talent in photography.

They are constantly coming up with ideas for new projects and are both very committed to their work.

“If you ever wonder what me and Justin are up to late at night, it’s usually editing” Quick-Gunther said.

“It’s stressing, but it’s rewarding,” Kauffman added.

While these two may be logging in a lot of hours for their work, the end product shows that both care and thought went into the production. Watching them work is almost like watching a puzzle be constructed: slowly but surely, it starts to come into place, and when it does, it looks great.

When it comes to filmmakers who have inspired these two over the years, they note Ryan Lewis, Jon Jon Augustavo, Phillip Bloom, Vincent Laforet, Wes Anderson, Guy Richie and Christopher Nolan.

But what is their ultimate goal with film? As students who clearly have a love for this craft, what is something they want to gain from it?

“I want to have [film] to be the profession” Kauffman said.

“I’ve had some travel opportunities [with film] and I really enjoy it. There’s not a ton of money in it anymore, but how we approach things is a little bit different; it’s just really key to just [show] crazy cultures and experiences. It’s a big adventure,” said Quick-Gunther.

As for upcoming projects, it’s really up in the air right now.

They are making the most of out of every opportunity handed to them and will continue to do so in order to hopefully get their name out there in the broader sense.

But in the SPU community, Kauffman and Quick-Gunther are just starting to get recognized, which is quite the amazing feat considering they have only known each other for four weeks. Regardless of meeting just recently, they work well together.

“We have a lot of respect in the community already. A lot of people know who we are, and we don’t know who they are, which is a crazy scenario,” said Quick-Gunther, reflecting on his recognition at SPU.

With just a few weeks of working together on projects, the duo have high hopes and big plans for both their careers and the immediate future.

The two have some other projects in the works as well, but want to wait for them to be confirmed before they start production or discussion of them.

The music video they produced for Winkler can be found on Youtube.

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