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Dispute over Council

Senate debates Strong’s role IN ‘UNITE’ PLAN


Published: October 3 2012

President Nate Strong’s “Unite: A Fight to Stop Human Trafficking” proposal passed on Monday’s Senate meeting – but not without some controversy.

After 45 minutes of debate, a majority of the senators at the meeting approved a proposal to create an ad hoc committee to inform students about how to end human trafficking.

Strong said Seattle is the number-one city for human trafficking in the United States and wants to make it a goal this year for both ASSP and the university to stop it.

Everyone at Senate agreed this was a worthy cause, but disputed the need to create a special ad hoc Presidential Action Council with Strong as the co-chair.

“Why do you need us?” asked Jacob Redding, Vice President of Finance, referring to why a senate-sponsored committee was needed for his “Unite” plan.

“I don’t think it’s right for us to continue without making sure the governing body of the university is on board,” said Strong. “As long as I don’t have the backing of Senate then I don’t feel like I can say it completely.”

“I’m bringing it into Senate’s hands to say ‘yes this is what we’re focusing on this year,’” Strong said.

Strong said that President Action Council’s (PAC’s) aren’t normally used, but was necessary in this case because he wants his “Unite” plan to be a school-wide goal.

Strong has already created the council, but wanted senate to approve it as an ad hoc committee.

The ASSP president has the ability to create a PAC under Article 1, Section 5 of the constitution and by-laws of ASSP, and Senate has the ability to create an ad hoc, which would allow the committee to carry out a task for senate.

“[The by-laws for a PAC are] written so vaguely it wouldn’t necessarily say it can’t be done, but there does need to be a very specific movement to an ad hoc committee,” said junior Jake Caouette, Chief Justice of Constitutional Advisory Board.

Redding asked Strong if junior Toms Lee, vice president of campus activities, or Urban Involvement could work on “Unite: A Fight to Stop Human Trafficking,” instead of a PAC or an ad hoc.

Senior Emmanuel Mancilla, vice president for intercultural affairs asked Strong what his plan was for “Unite” after he left Seattle Pacific University.

“I would love to see this go into a piece of our constitution under the president,” Strong said. “(We could gather) around an issue that isn’t surrounded by ourselves.”

Senator Courtney Oostra asked Strong for the specific goals of the ad hoc council.

“[We’re] not asking for money yet,” Strong said. “Not all the money is coming from ASSP.”

“ [We’re going] quarter by quarter: educating, engaging, action,” Strong said.

Strong said his proposal for an ad hoc council was not a financial request.

Breegan Harper is set to co-chair with Strong in the ad hoc PAC hybrid.



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