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Team dismisses Rosemond

By , Sports Editor

Published: March 1 2000

Senior point guard Yasir Rosemond was officially released from Seattle Pacific University's men's basketball team on Friday by coach Ken Bone for disciplinary reasons.

Rosemond, who transferred from the University of Oregon this year and was suspended for three games earlier this year, was released due to his on-court attitude and lack of self-discipline, according to Bone.

"His actions on Feb. 19 against Central Washington, towards his coaches, teammates and those around him were a problem. He was a problem on the court. He was a problem in timeouts and he was a problem in the locker room. I feel like as a coach I've been taken advantage of. Even though, in my mind, I've done everything I could to help out an individual, it's all backfired," Bone said.

Rosemond agrees that his on-court disposition can be misunderstood and cause people to become angry.

"I come off as having a bad attitude on the court when it's actually just my competitive nature," Rosemond said.

Although he wishes things had worked out better, he is pleased with where he is at now.

"I'm not bitter at all. I'm actually the happiest I've been all season. That's not a knock on the coaches, the team or the school. I don't think I ever got over the fact that I came from a Division I school to a Division II school," Rosemond said.

Bone said that he has learned a valuable lesson because of this situation.

"Maybe I had too much pride in myself in thinking that I could change or influence a personality... I haven't changed a thing," Bone said.

Although Rosemond is no longer on the team, he may still be given the chance to finish school at SPU, depending on the progress he has made so far this year.

"We're deeply interested in the quality of our basketball team, but we're even more interested in the completion of a degree by our athletes. Our goal is to see him graduate," Athletic Director Tom Box said.

Under NCAA regulations, a player's financial aid can be revoked if he is removed from the team for disciplinary reasons, but in Rosemond's case, they could make an exception if he is able to graduate by spring quarter.

"I hope that [Rosemond] can get on with the next phase in his life, and that is graduating from college. If he's progressed academically in the way that was advised to him, then I have no problem supporting him through spring quarter," Bone said.

The season is not over for the Falcons, and they will need to adjust to playing without Rosemond in order to continue the success they have had this year.

"It's a loss to the team, but Yasir did some things and was asked to leave the team. We've accepted that, and we understand that this is our team now. We can win with what we have," senior captain Kory Leadon said.

The team will play in the Pac West Conference championships this weekend, and Rosemond said that he believes that the team is in a good position to do well.

"I feel like I let my teammates down, but I don't think they are worse off. I think it can give the team more confidence. The season's not over just because I'm not on the team," Rosemond said.

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