The importance of dressing well for an interview

Four quick tips to help you land that summer job

Dressing well is a crucial step in making a great first impression with a possible employer. As we’re all trying to land that killer internship or summer job of our dreams, it is important to remember that a bad outfit could send your whole interview south. Results from recent studies have consistently shown that the […]

Getting Involved with the SPU Fashion Community

Easy ways for students of any major to follow their love of fashion

If there’s anything that fashion majors want you to know, it’s that everyone is welcome among them. Contrary to popular belief, the fashion world is not one of exclusivity … or at least at SPU it’s not. SPU Costume Designer and Costume Shop Manager Sarah Mosher says, “If you consider the fact that most people […]

The style advice seniors wish they had known as first-years

Eight apparel design, merchandising students share tips on how to achieve great campus style

As the school year winds down and the class of 2017 prepares for graduation, it’s time we take a moment to appreciate the hard-working seniors of the Apparel Design and Merchandising program. Over the past four years, these students have certainly learned a thing or two about what it takes to have killer SPU style. […]

SPU Styled columnist interviews SPU fashion blogger

Sophomore Morgan Gaston gives fashion advice

Through amassing over 12,000 Instagram followers and working with top brands like Coach and Neiman Marcus, SPU sophomore Morgan Gaston has learned a thing or two about fashion. I sat down with Gaston to discuss her blog, Morgan Lillian, and to learn her secrets to success. SPU Styled: What made you want to start […]

Fast Fashion 101: Uncovering the Problem

The ethical dilemma behind low prices offered by big name retailers like Forever 21 and Zara

Let’s face it. We’re all broke college students who love to save pennies anywhere we can. While out shopping, it can be easy to fall prey to low cost clothing that fits your college budget. When short on cash, Forever 21’s $1.90 tank tops and $10 denim seem too good to be true. Unfortunately, they […]

What New Yorkers actually dress like

Participants of SPU’s fashion study away program share tips on how to dress like a real New Yorker

If you’re anything like me, nearly all the advice you’ve received on dressing like a New Yorker either came straight from the mouth of Carrie Bradshaw or from Vogue’s coverage of New York Fashion Week. While television and magazines may give us a glamorized version of what residents of the Big Apple wear, real life […]