Fast Fashion 101: Uncovering the Problem

The ethical dilemma behind low prices offered by big name retailers like Forever 21 and Zara

Let’s face it. We’re all broke college students who love to save pennies anywhere we can. While out shopping, it can be easy to fall prey to low cost clothing that fits your college budget. When short on cash, Forever 21’s $1.90 tank tops and $10 denim seem too good to be true. Unfortunately, they […]

What New Yorkers actually dress like

Participants of SPU’s fashion study away program share tips on how to dress like a real New Yorker

If you’re anything like me, nearly all the advice you’ve received on dressing like a New Yorker either came straight from the mouth of Carrie Bradshaw or from Vogue’s coverage of New York Fashion Week. While television and magazines may give us a glamorized version of what residents of the Big Apple wear, real life […]

A new take on fashion from Maberry

SPU Styled introduced

Oh yeah. We’re going to talk about fashion … except we’re going to forget the rules and do things a little differently. This isn’t where you’ll find articles about “10 Ways to Wear Floral for Spring” or “Why Green is This Season’s Hottest Color.” I mean, who reads that stuff anyway? Everything here will be […]