Coping with fears

Stephen King’s IT teaches about dealing with trauma

Recently, the genius of Stephen King has resurfaced following the release of the “IT” remake that came out this September. Rightfully so, there has been a resurgence of love and — almost more so — fear from a new generation of teenage viewers, bringing the fandom of King horror back to life. Little do people know […]

Editorial Comment

Responsibility to follow through on indictments in Russia investigation

Robert Mueller, special counselor in the investigation of Russian intervention in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, has recently released his first indictments regarding the investigation. Paul Manafort, former chairmen of the Trump campaign, and Rick Gates, an associate of Manafort, were both charged with 12 criminal charges, including conspiracy charges. As of Monday morning, both […]

Voter’s view disregarded

Lack of community input on Initiative 27 threatens democracy

Most students at SPU have probably never heard of Initiative 27. Most people would probably assume this is because of voter apathy or other common issues consistently facing American politics. However, the story could not be more different. The problem facing this initiative is not the voters, because as of this month the voters have […]

Safe spaces for women

Gurls Talk platform facilitates discussion

I was 20 years old when I was drunkenly convinced in partaking in an intimate act with an individual. I will spare the details of the nausea that swirls in my stomach as I recall the moment, but the morning that came after I walked home with the irritating itch of regret and sadness all […]

Reconciliation in Christ

Women’s role in the church

All Authors: Paige Lovell, TJ Jan, Conner Gardner In Genesis 3:16 God says to Eve, “Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you.” This command from God created a subordinate role for women that has remained steady throughout history, even past the time of Jesus. For too long we have […]

Editorial Comment

The need to call genocide by its name vital to the Rohinya people in Myanmar

The Rohingya, a Muslim people group in Myanmar, have been forced to flee from their homes into Bangladesh after a Rohingya militant group attacked police posts on Aug. 25. During this incident, over 370 militants and about a dozen Myanmar police were killed. This set off an ongoing safety military campaign by the Myanmar government […]

Contraceptive care

Education vital to health

Birth control funding has been an ongoing struggle in healthcare lately. Birth control education, however, has rarely ever taken precedence and leaving public education to deal with the topic. Often though, this means that birth control information is basic at best, and completely disregarded at worst. When I was thirteen, my family doctor advised me […]