Censorship based on viewpoint absurd

There is a movement afoot on our campus to censor our television. The powers that be are considering removing the Public Access channel, Channel 29. It was, in fact, removed temporarily due to a miscommunication between University Services, Computer and Information Systems, and TCI Cable Company. Some students complained that they found the content of […]

Staff Editorials

The image of a few dozen elderly men in uniform participating in a fourth of July parade is probably the first thing to come to mind when one thinks of veterans. They participated in some foreign war, fighting for our freedom before we were even born. These were war veterans in the traditional sense. We […]

Ed plan is worth embracing

The university got it right. Seattle Pacific’s Education Plan outlines a future for the academic and organizational structure that’s worth embracing, as the board of Ttustees will have the opportunity to do next week. The plan isn’t perfect, but it is intelligently constructed, specific in its goals, and was generated from the right motives. I’m […]

Staff Editorials

The delay in the publication of the SPUD has ceased to be a minor annoyance and has now become a major inconvenience to many students. Even with the implementation of digital photography to speed up the publication process, SPUD’s are as late getting to students as ever. The official line that "students will prefer a […]