Editorial Comment

Calling students to become more involved

This school year is only halfway over, but it’s already time to start looking at the next one. This is especially true when it comes to leadership at our school. Earlier this week, an email was sent out informing students that applications for next year’s Associated Students of Seattle Pacific core team are now available. […]

Analyzing the term “PoC”

Viewing the term through its negative connotation

When did we get the impression that the term People of Color (PoC) was the “ok” term to refer to people of different ethnicities/races other than those of European decent? I ask the same question in this context: When did we get the impression that “colored” was an ok term? Growing up in the U.S. […]

Need for discussion

Becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable

At the beginning of this year, Third Hill sat in the back of a large building at Camp Casey as we began to have a discussion that has shaped, in part, our entire floor’s interactions this year. We came upon the conclusion that Hill really is home, and to foster this community, it would be […]

Campaigning for #OlympicPeace

Looking to the Olympic Games as a model of unity, respect, understanding

I have always loved the Olympic Games. There is something unmistakably miraculous about the unification of the entire world, of all countries, governments, peoples, religions, etc., through something so simple and so universally beloved: sports. Despite deep tensions, hatred and even war, athletes and spectators alike set those things aside every other year for two […]

How SPU males view feminism

SPU gender ratio affects perception on campus

DEAR SISTERS,” is how the trending “Time’s Up” campaign heads its letter of solidarity asserting allegiance to eliminating female inequality and injustice in the workplace. Inspired by the Me Too movement and all the Hollywood horror it has brought into the spotlight this past year, Time’s Up is a “unified call for change from women […]

SPU Dance struggles for funds

Club constitution needs to be reanalyzed to support all clubs

Seattle Pacific University has a multitude of clubs, from cheer teams to disability advocacy groups to Krav Maga. Lately, some clubs have faced issues with acquiring the funding to successfully hold events; the SPU dance team having a particular difficult time. Due to club restrictions, and the strict definition of what a “club” is, the […]

Editorial Comment

Concern over political scandal apathy

Since President Donald Trump took office last January, one scandal has scarcely begun being covered by the news before the next one suddenly pops up. From Twitter controversy to alleged secret meetings, paying off porn stars and accusations of sexual misconduct, the rumors and news breaks are nonstop. Actually, these scandals began long before his […]

Stigma in the fashion industry

Feminine-heavy focus lowers public view of field

Fashion, for the most part, is viewed as being superficial. The labels of “narcissistic” and “conceited” are often directed at those who show a distinct interest in fashion, described as caring a little too much about what clothes they wear, where they shop and how they wear it. For a good majority of my life, […]