Editorial comment

The Falcon’s goals in producing this special issue of the newspaper are to memorialize Paul Lee and to provide a record of the SPU community’s response to Thursday’s tragedy. It is our hope that thoughtful coverage will contribute to the healing process. As students and as reporters, we’ve struggled with how to approach covering this. […]

Lessons learned from opinions

Every week for two years, I’ve been editing, commenting on and helping my writers develop opinions. As the opinion editor, I’ve been encouraged to have well-informed opinions on things, even when most of those opinions were probably ill-informed. But now that this is my final editorial, I feel compelled to give just one last opinion. […]

Gun restrictions ineffective

The University of California-Santa Barbara killing spree was the latest evidence of gun control proponents needing to propose further restrictions on legal gun sales. The killings by 22-year-old Elliot Rodger are just another reason for gun control advocates to claim that guns are the problem in this rampage. The claim that increased gun control will […]