Bilingualism needed for Americans

In today’s globalized world, Americans are at a competitive disadvantage due to our monolingualism. As businesses and the economy become more international, it is increasingly important that a person speaks more than one language. With the large amount of diverse ethnicities represented in the U.S., it is shocking that, according to linguist François Grosjean’s Bilingual: […]

ASSP candidate endorsements!

The Falcon’s editorial board interviewed each candidate and reviewed their campaign materials. The endorsements represent the majority view of the group. Vote on Banner tonight!   John Jarman: President The main responsibilities of the ASSP president are to facilitate communication between the administration and the student body and to manage the ASSP core. The president […]

Turkey no longer democratic

After a two-week ban that enraged the public and received international criticism, Turkey has finally restored Twitter and YouTube. The sites were initially banned on March 20 in an effort to cover up a scandal involving Prime Minister Recep Erdogan. The bans were lifted by the Constitutional Court, Turkey’s highest court. The lifting of the […]

Women are just as hilarious as men

While flipping through Christopher Hitchens’ essay collection, Arguably, I came across a polarizing essay titled, “Why Women Aren’t Funny.” Quite unsurprisingly, the title alone is enough to drive any feminist into frustration, myself included. Hitchens, while perhaps not the best thinker (Did he really think religion poisons everything?), wrote well and with great wit, more […]