Academy Awards celebrate industry, not art

Boycott highlights bias in award system

Boycott highlights bias in award systemWhether you thought Will Smith’s performance in “Concussion” was worthy of an Oscar nomination or not, it is impossible to deny that the Academy Awards have reason to be accused of bias. The statistics, as reported by the Los Angeles Times, back up the concern: over 50 percent of Oscar […]

Koch won’t be missed at museum

Museums should spurn fossil fuel influence

Museums should spurn fossil fuel influenceDavid Koch has stepped down from his position on the American Museum of Natural History board of trustees. One instance of museums distancing themselves from fossil fuels, Koch’s decision is good news for museums and the public. Koch Industries owns oil pipelines and refineries. A 2013 Drexel University study found […]

Editorial Comment

Labels limit response to homelessness

Labels limit response to homelessnessSeattle’s homelessness crisis has no simple solutions, but disengaging from the application of broad stereotypes to all homeless individuals is critical to creating a culture equipped to lift those individuals out of homelessness. The homeless are often demonized as drug addicts, work-evaders and criminals. They are associated with negative qualities ranging […]

Warrior woman delusion

Popular stereotype fails to represent females

Popular stereotype fails to represent femalesJust when we were starting to liberate ourselves from the distressed damsel and docile domestic, our society has hindered women with yet another damaging stereotype: the badass warrior woman. The badass is typically some combination of aggressive, rebellious, sassy, bold, strong, outspoken, multi-talented and independent. At the same time, this […]

Understanding Synesthesia

We must reverse attitudes toward neural condition

We must reverse attitudes toward neural conditionWhat if I told you that tasting letters, smelling emotions and seeing colorful patterns in the air when you hear music is not only possible, but also entirely sane? Say hello to synesthesia, a neurological phenomenon that is as wondrous as it is unknown and misunderstood. It’s time we […]