Instagram hinders real experiences

Instagram is a hit. According to their website, the Instagram community has 200 million members and counting. The mobile app has grown into one of the most prevalent social networks we have. But although the site markets itself as a “fun and quirky way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures,” […]

Immigrants positively shape the US

President Obama’s recent executive action granting shelter to upwards of five million illegal immigrants has caused a public uproar. The outrage in the Republican Party is so intense Sen. Ted Cruz from Texas suggested that Republican politicians should withhold confirmation of any of the president’s nominations until the amnesty is reversed. Yet, in the midst […]

Theology classes not useful

As a Christian institution, Seattle Pacific University’s theological study is the cornerstone of its common curriculum. Come graduation, a traditional undergraduate student will have completed 35 credits of theology classes including USEM, UCOR and UFDN. While undoubtedly personally enriching, these classes require too many credits, and therefore money, which could instead be used for courses […]

NFL teams should not sign Rice

Last Friday, Ray Rice won the appeal of his indefinite suspension and has been reinstated into the National Football League. Rice, a former Baltimore Ravens running back, was suspended for assaulting his then fiancee, now wife, in an elevator on Valentine’s Day. After a video of the assault was leaked by TMZ, the NFL came […]

Net neutrality spurs growth

In an online statement last week, President Obama outlined his suggestions to maintain an open Internet, urging the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to adopt the “strictest possible rules” to protect what has become central in the battle over the future of broadband. The president’s statement is a part of his recent efforts to reclassify Internet […]