ASSP candidate endorsements

The Associated Students of Seattle Pacific represents all undergraduate students at our university. The elected core of officers and employees serve the community by organizing events, managing budgets and fostering meaningful discussions within our community. As the 2014-2015 year comes to a close, the student body is charged with the task of electing new ASSP […]

Modern does not equal better

hristianity is a moving force. In many ways, its longevity can be attributed to its adaptability: Christ’s message can and has been molded to the culture and times in which it is practiced. Each era of Christianity has its own distinct characteristics, and ours is no different. In services at increasingly popular modern churches, worship […]

Trevor Noah jokes blown out of proportion

For over a decade, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart has been churning out wonderfully biting political satire driving grouchy old men like Bill O’Reilly up the wall. While fans of the show were saddened to hear of Stewart’s departure, many were thrilled to learn that Trevor Noah, a slick young comedian from South Africa, […]

UVA rape article a journalistic failure

Last November, Rolling Stone magazine published a compelling article titled “A Rape on Campus,” which described a brutal gang rape that had allegedly taken place in a University of Virginia fraternity. The article sparked a nationwide debate about sexual assault on college campuses, but unfortunately, the story was quickly exposed as a fraud. Beyond inconsistencies […]

Reflecting on ASSP service: Serving students or serving own interest?

This year, I’ve had the blessing and curse of working for ASSP as a Student Services Representative. I was the first student to ever hold the occupation. My duties consisted of forging relationships with local businesses through student discounts, administrative responsibilities, and marketing. I loved this job.Although I only received compensation for up to five […]

$15 minimum wage a bad decision

On Apr. 1, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray’s $15 minimum wage law took effect. As a growing number of cities are considering minimum wage laws, many small businesses are concerned about how this will affect their operations. This past week, Ivar’s Seafood announced their plan to comply with the law by raising wages for workers as […]