Athletic wear as high fashion

Once upon a time, Friday’s were deemed as the “casual” day of the work or school week. Jeans, simple t-shirts, sneakers and the occasional hoodie made an appearance on people’s lazy days leading into the weekend. In high school, these days revolved around students, especially girls, coming in wearing Victoria’s Secret Pink yoga pants, a […]

Representation of Sexuality: Canon vs. Hollywood

Looking at Dumbledore in the “Fantastic Beasts” movies

This article may contain spoilers for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. Society is always evolving and growing more diverse. This fact can be seen through music, media, and literature. For example, multiple TV shows and movies have aired in recent years dealing with autism (The Good Doctor, Atypical), cerebral palsy (Speechless), and mental health […]

Viewing Worship

The significance of different ways of connecting with God

Worship is a convoluted term. It has a wide variety of connotations, spanning from rows of pews and books accompanied by a pipe organ, to an open field of electric guitars and people running up and down aisles. Despite the immense amount of diversity in worship, it always shares one common theme: celebrating God’s presence […]

Women in leadership positions

Confronting barriers in church, ministry

The opening sentence of SPU’s Statement of Faith is as follows: “At Seattle Pacific University, we seek to ground everything we do on the transforming gospel of Jesus Christ. Such a claim is both personal, a commitment by each member of our community, and institutional, a corporate aspiration that has guided this institution from its […]

Contending for one’s singleness

Finding capacity for compassion toward others as we grow in attentiveness, kindness toward ourselves

A friend and I were at the MLK Day march a few weeks ago, and as we walked, our conversation flowed from one topic to another. I can’t retrace the route that led us there, but we landed for a time on car insurance rates. Her uncle is an insurance agent, and he recently made […]

Paying tribute to mother figures

Calling for social reconstruction through changing our dialogue

I am all too familiar with the phrase “father figure,” but I’ve never heard “mother figure” used in the same context. In the past, I’ve found myself using this language when I speak of my own experiences. Given that the most positive, influential people in my life have always been women, I believe this kind […]

Championing feminism

By: Kassidy Crown and Alexandra Moore In this time when we are engaged in a fierce battle for women’s rights, we feel it is necessary to acknowledge the past progression of these rights and to honor those women who have set the foundation, through devoted activism, for where we are today. There are many women’s […]

Making time for a mental break

Being aware of personal health

Recently, there have been several studies published exploring the effects of technology usage and time in front of screens on human psychology. Smartphone ownership has increased among adolescents from 37 percent in 2012 to 89 percent at the end of 2016, according to the Pew Research Center and the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs […]