Aggregate scores inaccurate

Metacritic reviews hold undue influence on media

Now that the Internet has given journalists the capability to mass produce opinions, there are hundreds of publications with thousands of writers who are bombarding us with meaningless metrics. Movie XYZ got an “A-” from one source, four out of five stars from another, and an 85 percent from the third. Too much to process! […]

Opinion Editorial: FoFA author defends her dissent

Unity Petition could raise more problems than solutions

Being a woman of color from a single parent family is enough for me to claim minority status, but I have not been oppressed or marginalized by Seattle Pacific University at the institutional level nor on the level of individual relationships. In fact, the only way I have felt unrepresented at SPU is by ascribing […]

Opinion Editorial: Rejecting ideological homogenity

Concerns with Unity Petition provisions

Harold Laurence’s article “Defend the Unity Petition” is not the first time that someone has taken to these pages to defend the institutionalized left at Seattle Pacific University. Although I appreciate his methodological approach to my article in The College Fix, his analysis offers numerous objections without sufficient justification. Although most of this article is […]

Clarifying the compromise

Much of contemporary society views the three-fifths compromise as a morally capitulating and objectionable moment in the formation of the United States Constitution. While it is true that the clause testifies to the history of institutionalized racism in America, this one sided view fails to recognize the compromise’s political prudence. During the Constitutional Convention in […]