Feminism not to be dismissed

Criticism of movement unwarranted, necessary activism to persevere ahead

A few years back, I was heading over to meet up with some friends. I stopped for gas, and while I was in line to pay, the man standing behind me began to get uncomfortably close. I moved away, but he crept closer. “Hey, girl. What you up to?” he asked. I ignored him, and […]

Sustainable fashion sign of responsible societal member

Eco-fashion more than trend, inspires healthy consumption

Green is the new black. And, no, I’m not talking about the latest summer fashion trend. I’m talking about how ethical and sustainable fashion is slowly becoming a factor in how our generation views the latest styles. I have always been the person to hold the motto, “quality over quantity,” or at least I try […]

Editorial Comment

Budget cuts of global concern

The presidential budget proposal for the 2018 fiscal year has been revealed. The budgets for many non-defense related programs have been cut, and the scientific community’s Research and Development (R&D) programs have especially felt the impact. Although NASA’s space exploration programs were not majorly affected by the proposal, their Earth Science and Education programs did […]

Fight for net neutrality not over yet

FCC chairman Ajit Pai wrong about Open Internet Order and Title II

Everyone needs to just hold their horses for a second. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) did not vote last Thursday to end net neutrality, nor did we lose the free market or freedom of speech in the internet as so many headlines suggest. What happened was the FCC, headed by former Verizon lawyer Ajit Pai, […]

Being alone could help you

Millennials clouded by social stigma

For most of my 21 years of being alive, I have been extremely self-conscious of how the people around me, even strangers, perceive me. For years, I experienced this looming cloud of always feeling on edge, trying not to say the wrong thing, be “too weird” or come off as my true self. It wasn’t […]

Editorial Comment

Vital to vote for Seattle Mayor

The phrase “every vote counts” has a strong application in this upcoming Mayoral election. The race for Seattle Mayor has drawn in 21 candidates total. Only two of these candidates will continue to the general elections come August. During the 2013 primary elections, only 35 percent of registered voters casted a ballot, and nine candidates […]

Telling truth costs too much

US journalists ought to value speech privilege

Already this year, 17 journalists have been murdered for seeking out truth. These deaths took place in both the Americas, Africa and Asia. In 2016, the official number of journalists killed worldwide, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists, was 77. Although those killed this year have resided in several different countries, none of these […]

Single-sex education

Sex education could benefit from same-sex classrooms

“Guess what?” I asked my mother as she stepped into the house. “Huh?” she replied with little enthusiasm. Jumping up and down on the couch, I told her I had started my period that day at school while on the playground. And I’ll never forget her first and only reaction to my exciting news: she […]