The first motion passes

Seattle Pacific to be represented at the Sounders game

As the first order of business, ASSP Vice President of Campus Activities Garrett Berkey presented the Sounder Tickets Proposal to buy 100 Sounders game tickets for the October 15th college night game. At this game, SPU has been asked to be represented among other colleges. The tickets would be sold for $20 each and would […]

Pledging to educate

With open hearts, learning to listen to the voiceless

It started three years ago when Dean of the School of Theology Doug Strong, University Chaplain Bo Lim and Director Tali Hairston of the John Perkins Center got together to host a Seattle Pacific ecumenical worship service after the Ferguson events in 2014. At the end of the December worship service, they circulated a statement […]

Senate 10/18

Senate developed a set of action plans this week to bring in new senators. Kaitlyn Payton, the Emerson Hall senator, proposed a strategy to fill the empty seats in senate, stating, “One thing we have talked about is hosting an event with the floor reps so that they felt like they are a part of […]

Inclusion for future of ASSP ensured

By-law updates to change ASSP functions

For ASSP Vice President of Finance Nathan Bennett, the role of ASSP and Senate is to respond to student need. “The entire role of ASSP is to actually empower students,” Bennett said in an interview. Many ASSP members sought to respond to this call by passing by-law changes this year in alignment with the goals […]

Professor launches research

Grant allows for study on work, faith connection

For Denise Daniels, a Seattle Pacific University professor of management, it is important to understand “how people of faith, particularly Christians, understand and think of faith in the context of work.” Daniels became interested in the topic of “work and faith” when she observed that the information on the topic is largely “normative,” meaning that […]

Worshipping in all languages

Students celebrate culture through dance, song

As SPU’s Total Experience Gospel Choir sang the words “Just reach out and touch somebody’s hand, / Make this world a better place, yes we can,” the members of the choir walked off the altar to join hands with the guests. Together they helped bridge the gap across the aisle of the First Free Methodist […]

Students organize memorial events

Senior gift honors lives of Lee, Kimminau

  Within the last four years of their college careers, the senior class has experienced the loss of two peers, Paul Lee and Erin Kimminau. According to ASSP President and junior physiology major Lola Sosanya, the senior gift will work to commemorate the lives of these two individuals. Students and faculty are currently working to […]

Behind The Clery Act

Local university crime statistics closely examined

  As the end of the quarter draws near, students continue to attend classes and study for tests, going about their daily academic tasks. All the while, the Office of Safety and Security continues to compile a daily crime log with reports ranging from car prowls to sexual assault, as required by the Clery Act. […]