WorldCOMP gives thanks

Celebrating success in Kenya

George Matimbai, board president of relief organization WorldCOMP Kenya, recalls a day in 2015 when a certain woman came to one of WorldCOMP’s pop-up medical camps. The woman had been to many doctors and had tests run before, but still had absolutely no answers about what could be causing her symptoms, he explained. After a […]

Ames legacy continues

Scholarship creates safe space, builds community

The spectrum of scholarships is wide. Whether right out of high school or returning from a break, there are scholarships for everyone, including the underrepresented. The Ames Scholarship began with the hope to bring awareness. Upon coming to Seattle, Barbara and Gary Ames saw that the city was going through a race relation problem. There […]

Student costs, debt spiral out of control

Panel discusses economic impact

According to Forbes, as of February, the student loan debt sits at $1.3 trillion with 44.2 million borrowers. From the class of 2015, New Hampshire has the highest average loan per student at $36,101 and Utah has the lowest at $18,873. Within this range, Washington’s average is at $24,600. Student debt is a nationwide problem, […]

Rebranding SPU identity

Adjusting, accommodating changing demographics

Provost Jeff Van Duzer believes that Seattle Pacific University should be an intersection of faith and education in a city of the future. For him, how SPU should change its approach to Christianity is clear. “It is time for a bold, fresh expression of coming into our Christian identity,” he stated. While a majority of […]

Crime 1/11

Fire On Oct. 26, a fire was reported, the incident taking place in Hill Hall.   Fraud On Oct. 25, a case of fraud off campus was reported and is currently pending investigation.   Harassment On Oct. 25, a case of harassment in Ames Library was reported to the OSS. On Oct. 27, an incident […]

Engaging the homeless

Count down to Tent City Three move-in begins

In 17 days, Tent City Three will be moving onto Seattle Pacific University’s campus for their temporary stay. Senior Emily Hansum, a linguistics and Spanish dual major came to Senate representing Tent City Three as the student liaison. Hansum informed senate that there are many ways that students can get involved. Tent City Three is […]

Celebrating Reformation

Open choir commemorates departed souls

Esther Chung Kim, associate professor of religious studies at Claremont Mckenna College, believes that Luther’s efforts to persuade officials to invest in poor children’s education stems from the fact that his attempts were often denied. At a young age, she had committed to learning Korean, her family believing the best way was to learn through […]