Recreation program aims to attract students with white water rafting trip

Juniors Samantha Krejcik and Kelsey Tuohy hope to get a broader range of students involved in Seattle Pacific’s Outdoor Recreation Program (ORP) and develop relationships with recreational companies. To do this, Krejcik, ORP coordinator, authored a proposal to allocate $2,306 to ORP for a white water rafting trip with Blue Sky Outfitters in Leavenworth, Washington. […]

Missionaries laid foundation for revolutionary in China according to Dr. Joyce Chan

According to Dr. Joyce Chan, associate professor of church history and multicultural studies at Seattle Pacific, 19th century Western Christian missionaries laid the foundation for the revolutionary shift of ideals in China. On April 20, the SPU Department of History hosted Chan’s lecture titled, “Christianity in China–From Empire to Republic: How Missionaries Spread the Idea […]