Facing sexual misconduct at SPU

When it comes to reports of sexual assault and harassment, students find SPU community responds 'well, but well is not good enough'

Junior Alli Musolino stepped in front of her peers in a public speaking class only a year ago to talk about feminism. Musolino wanted to debunk myths; to show that feminism is more complex than common media portrayals of women and to ask students to consider how gender inequality contributes to one of society’s most […]

Celebrating heritage with graduating class

BSU presents African-American culture, arts

Guests ate food, mingled and listened to rap gospel music in Upper Gwinn. More than 30 guests attended the Second Annual African-American heritage hosted by Black Student Union. The event celebrated African-American art and culture through live performances as well as congratulating black senior students who will be graduating this June. Co-president of Black Student […]

Global outreach meets marathon

Senior Emma Wright has a tight schedule. She balances being a resident adviser, a nurse’s assistant, an upcoming graduate, a businesswoman and to top it all off, a future marathon runner. Navigating around her commitments, Wright typically works out six days a week in preparation for her World Vision sponsored marathon. She runs for four […]

Journey in music production

Student seeks music tech career

  While working at London Bridge Studios, senior Julian Anderson remembers the moment he knew music technology was the right career for him. Anderson was given the task of making sure 10 separate microphones worked well in tandem at the end of his long, 12-hour shift. The next time he came in to work, Anderson […]

From compensation to scholarship

Next year, students in leadership positions currently being paid through stipends will receive their payment as a scholarship rather than compensation. According to Director of the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership Whitney Broetje, this change will better exemplify the core, “philosophical” purpose behind leadership positions at Seattle Pacific University. “Really where the scholarship piece […]

Bomb threat cancels fashion show

Campus lockdown initiated

Students, staff, faculty and guests filed out of Royal Brougham Pavilion on Saturday evening after the university sent out texts, e-mail messages and phone calls, from the Seattle Pacific University Alert system to notify individuals of a threat on campus. At around 7:00 p.m. reports from the alert system were sent out to notify students […]

Debating OrgSync

Though two other proposals were passed Monday night, May 23, senate has called for another meeting next week to finish discussion over an expensive proposal. Additionally, senators reviewed all by-law amendments proposed last week, including the implementation of changing iterations of “s/he”  to “they” in By-Law Article III and the decision to have a 2/3 […]