BREAKING: NCAA releases report on SPU infractions

SPU Athletics to face two-year probationary period

The NCAA announced Friday morning the specific sanctions faced by SPU Athletics as a result of self-reported rules violations associated with its women’s soccer program. As published on the SPU Athletics website, the NCAA Committee on Infractions assessed penalties against SPU and the former head coach of women’s soccer, including a two-year probationary period for […]

Candidates state goals

Students share discourse as election nears

Among the various issues covered at the ASSP Officer Candidate Forum, a main point of discussion was how candidates wanted to ensure all students at Seattle Pacific University felt part of an inclusive community. Candidates recounted their own personal experiences and struggles at SPU and how they would use those events to improve community at […]

Student leader pay rises next year

This week in senate, senators looked at next year’s compensation budget and approved a proposal for next quarter’s “Bowling with the Professors” event hosted by SPU’s American Chemical Society. Vice President of Finance Nathan Bennett said that due to this year’s allocation of funds in senate, certain student positions would be receiving a raise next […]

Estimated cost of attendance at SPU over $50,000

Next year's tuition up 4.7 percent, student financial assistance available

This article was updated on March 10, 2017 to reflect more accurate information. As the cost of living in Seattle keeps rising, so does the cost of attendance at Seattle Pacific University. In an email last Friday afternoon, President Dan Martin announced that tuition for the 2017-2018 academic year has risen to $40,464. After mandatory fees […]

Bill to raise tobacco buying age in Washington

Students reflect on bill as it aims to combat smoking among high schoolers

The first time junior John Bunch smoked a cigarette, he was 16 and he’d gotten it from a friend in high school. Smoking wasn’t strange to Bunch. He remembers many members of his family smoking throughout his childhood, but he hadn’t begun smoking himself until that day in high school. “Are you sure you want […]

Online Exclusive: “The Divide” panelists reflect on gender polarization

'Gender is a social construct' Neuhouser said

Before the audience’s questions were heard, they found themselves questioning their own experiences. Junior Courtney Perine, STUB’s main coordinator for the “The Divide: Making Sense of Gender in Today’s Polarized World,” gave a series of three directions that aroused a consideration of gender in the audience. “Please move to the windows if you played with […]

Online Exclusive: Body Positivity Week aims to boost self-confidence

Corrections made on March 8, 2017: The students majoring in dietetics had their titles corrected and the title for the SPU Wellness Initiative has been corrected as well.  Two students stood in last Thursday’s frigid weather and kept their purpose at the forefront of their minds. Beginning on Feb. 26 and ending March 4, SPU […]