Gauging ministrys’ capacity to welcome female leadership

Reverend Kelsey Rorem believes that women play an important role in ministry and leadership. Speaking to a crowd of about 50 students, faculty and staff gathered in the Arnett Hall Lobby, Rorem explained her beliefs during the Theology Student Union’s event titled, “Knowing Their Place: A Conversation in Support of Women in Ministry.” “There are […]

Seattle’s first cat cafe will offer kitty companionship

For most feline fans, cats are constant companions. For fifth-year senior at Seattle Pacific and aspiring business owner McRae Naayers, they’re a livelihood. A livelihood in the form of Seattle’s first cat cafe, “Kitty Kafe.” The coffee shop will offer customers the opportunity to interact and play with cats while relaxing or studying. According to […]

Grant allows expansion of program

On Oct. 27, The Boeing Company awarded the Seattle Pacific physics department a $75,000 grant for their initiative to improve physical science instruction through teacher collaboration and research-based curriculum development. The goal: a shift from the idea that learning science requires memorization of large amounts of science facts and laws, toward the idea of science […]