Daily World News Brief: Clinton and Sanders debate semantics, Wall Street, foreign policy

In a debate hosted by MSNBC, presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton were directly pitted one-on-one for the first time this election season without Martin O’Malley present. The two debated for quite a while over what it means to be progressive. Clinton is quoted as saying by a transcript of the debate, “A progressive […]

Daily World News Brief: Amazon sales booming; retail stores only speculation

The Seattle Times reports that Amazon has made $107 billion in sales during 2015, compared to $89 billion in 2014. Amazon is now not only the largest online retailer, but also the fourth largest global retailer behind Kroger, Costco and Walmart. Jeff Bezos, CEO of the Seattle-based company, is quoted as saying, “Twenty years ago, […]

Daily World News Brief: Flint water crisis unimproved, affecting health

The FBI is working alongside the Environmental Protection Agency to investigate possible violations of environmental laws in Flint, Michigan, according to Al Jazeera. In 2014, the city of Flint switched its water supply from the Detroit River to the Flint River as a money saving tactic. However, lead from the pipes began to contaminate water […]

Rigourous study, real world skills in program

Nursing students hit the ground running

Nursing students hit the ground running  On her first day at Highline Medical Center, junior nursing student Danya Akram walked into a patient’s room and glanced at the board on the wall. For the first time on that board she saw her name listed among the patient’s goals, doctor and nurse. Looking back, that moment […]

Terrorism not an existential threat

U.S strategy breeds more terrorism

U.S strategy breeds more terrorismIt was 1968 when Phyllis Bennis was introduced to activism in the anti-Vietnam war movement while in college. “I was lucky enough to be starting university in the last years of the war in Vietnam where campus organizing and student organizing had taken over,” Bennis said in a phone interview with […]

‘I don’t need lipservice, I need action’

Senators seek to empower students by providing aid

Senators seek to empower students by providing aid   When Senate asked Sophomore A’lon Santiago how he’d best feel empowered as a minority student on Seattle Pacific University’s campus, Santiago talked about soccer. Santiago remembers his mother buying him cleats, helping him through rough patches and taking care of his sprained ankle. He didn’t remember […]

Daily World News Brief: In Iowa Cruz leads over Trump, Clinton and Sanders in ‘virtual tie’

The results of the long-awaited Iowa caucuses are in. Ted Cruz beat Donald Trump by 3.4 percent, earning 27.7 percent of the Republican vote, as reported by The New York Times. Trump earned 24.3 percent of the vote, surpassing Marco Rubio by a small margin, at 23.1 percent. On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton is […]