Two years after SPU shooting, Aaron Ybarra sentenced to 112 years in prison

Anne Meis, the mother of student Jon Meis who disarmed Aaron Ybarra and subdued him during the June 5, 2014 shooting, said she spoke on behalf of the Seattle Pacific University community when she delivered her message at Ybarra’s sentencing hearing on Friday, Feb. 17. She said after the shooting in 2014, many people are […]

Online exclusive: Students advocate for, engage with refugees

World Relief, an international organization dedicated to helping vulnerable and displaced people, came to SPU this past Wednesday with refugee speakers to give them a voice and, hopefully, to inspire action among students.    “I think that every generation has a time, a very crucial time, kind of a tipping point, [when] they have to […]

Discussing God’s intent for female body

Both faith and sexuality explored

Despite different backgrounds, five women decided to discuss God’s intention for the one thing they all have in common: the female body. “I believe in my full heart that God hardwired us for connection and pleasure,” author Tina Schermer-Sellars said at an event at Seattle Pacific University on Thursday, Feb. 9. Accompanying Schermer-Sellars at the […]

Senate update

Position changed, dance event passed

This week, Senate tabled discussion on changing the title and responsibilities of the ASSP Public Relations Manager and voted to approve the budget for the upcoming Ante Up All-Styles Battle. Kalina Thornton, the current ASSP public relations manager, authored the proposal to change the title of ASSP Public Relations Manager to ASSP Communications Manager. Thornton […]

Facing trials with faith

Student’s journey from Ethiopia to SPU

Ephrata M. Siyum recalls one night in 2012 when Nancy, the “head girl” of her Kenyan boarding school, Le Pic High School, approached her dormitory and addressed the group of girls. “She said, ‘I feel like there’s something bad gonna happen. We need to pray,’” Siyum said, recounting the moment. “And we actually did pray,” […]

Crime 2/15

Malicious Mischief/Vandalism On Feb. 2, security officers found evidence of malicious mischief in Ashton Hall while on patrol. On Feb. 4, security officers discovered evidence of property damage in Ashton Hall. Rape On Feb. 6, a staff member reported a student’s disclosure of an off-campus rape. Theft On Feb. 7, a student reported that parts […]

Battling homelessness

Innovation Lab provokes student empathy, solutions

When Graham Pruss was 16, he flunked out of high school and became homeless. “I ate out of dumpsters, I slept under bridges,” he said. “I had no tent. I had no sleeping bag. I had little help and little hope.” He lived without a roof over his head until, one day, he was given […]

New lyrics incorporate classics

Ancient Greek myth, legends meet today’s Rock n’ Roll

From English band Led Zeppelin’s song “Achilles Last Stand,” to Brad Pitt’s performance as Achilles in “Troy” (2004), Owen Ewald says that Homer’s epic poem “The Iliad” has inspired numerous tributes to its characters and story in modern popular culture. On Tuesday afternoon, dozens of students, staff and faculty arrived in Demaray Hall to hear […]