Discussion of a “pornified culture”

Addressing rape culture in society

Contemporary society lives in a “pornified culture,” that fuels sexual violence, entitlement and exploitation, according to Director of Development for Real Escape from the Sex Trade Edward Sumner. However, he believes that this can be changed. On the evening of Tuesday, April 26, around 150 students gathered in Upper Gwinn for the Pornified forum that […]

SVPC winners aim to improve feminine hygiene

Afya International’s sustainable menstruation cup to educate women

Posing with a giant check to flashing cameras and applause was the end of a long and difficult project, according to Afya International member Alea Fishel. “[Winning] surprised me but it also didn’t because we had all worked so hard, and we believed that it was really good, but to just see that confirmed was […]

Restoring the church as a steward of the Gospel

Perkins examines the biblical purpose of God's church

    There is no doubt that both racism and reconciliation in God’s kingdom start with the church, according to John Perkins. This is evident, Perkins says, when contrasting God’s biblical purpose for the church and how it has actually operated historically. “The church was to be the stewards of the Gospel,” Perkins says. “It […]

Adults with autism voice struggles

Educating the public on autism in adulthood

For 23-year-old Andrea, a trip to Disneyland would be her dream. She currently works at both Papa John’s and Seven Salon in order to fulfill this dream, a feat made more impressive when Andrea recounts the hardships she underwent to attain these jobs due to her autism. As part of a panel during the “Voices […]

A voyage halfway across the world

Leaving home to experience a new culture abroad

While many international students might have been nervous upon first coming to the U.S. for education, then 16-year-old Lin “Irene” Xu was an exception. Despite the fact that she had left her home in Shanghai, China halfway across the world and she had little knowledge of American culture, she felt nothing but excited. “I was […]