Autism awareness lights up campus

For senior doctoral student Jessica Berg, explaining the unique challenges that affect the lives of children with autism spectrum disorder is more than just the topic for a dissertation project. It’s a chance to inform and explore her community. “These kids have struggles in their everyday lives,” Berg said. “They can’t feel successful in their environment… […]

Weekly crime update 4/16

Burglary  On Sunday, a security officer noticed someone on the closed-circuit television in the Irondale construction site. Seattle Police Department officers were notified and arrived  at the site with security officers. As SPD arrived, the subject attempted to flee. SPD officers caught the subject and issued him a Criminal Trespass Admonishment.

Senate reviews stipends, funds Cinco de Mayo

Senate began looking at bylaw changes this week, starting with adjustments to the vice president of campus activities bylaws. Senators also reviewed the recommendations from Allocation Board for the ‘14-‘15 school year and passed a proposal for SALSA club’s Cinco de Mayo celebration. Senior Destiny Hernandez and junior Sarah Lopez presented SALSA club’s proposal for […]