Lively enactments embrace creativity

Third annual Lip Sync battle draws, unifies residence halls

“Can I get a drum roll please?” asked junior Master of Ceremonies Janelle Espersen of the crowd at the third annual Arnett Lip Sync Battle as the last award was about to be given out. The rumble of the crowd’s feet grew steadily as Espersen announced, “People’s Choice goes to third Arnett.” Not only did […]

Students plan for National Day of Prayer

SPU students reflect on faith, country

Sophomore Taylor Boles believes that prayer is an essential aspect to developing a personal relationship with God. “Prayer is a vessel for us to connect with God on a personal level,” she said. “It is something that is so intimate, and then seeing God answer your prayers is life changing.” Similarly, sophomore Alia Petersen believes […]

Seniors showcase art, experience

Students draw from personal anecdotes to create final projects

For seniors Kelsey Elliott and Sarah Rasmussen, art is much more than something to be enjoyed — it is something to be experienced. Rather than sharing a message with words, the two find meaning can best be conveyed through art. As a part of the SPU Art Department’s senior shows, these two have worked to […]

Taco enthusiasts take Seattle

Seattleites participate in first-ever Taco Crawl

For the past two years Shelly Bailey, a special education assistant from Ballard High School, has held a “Taco Tuesday” night for her and her friends. On Saturday, April 21, Bailey took her love of tacos to a new level. At 3 p.m. Fogon Restaurant of Seattle’s Capitol Hill District was full of guests ready […]

Gallery rooted in history, abstract tactics

Pulp paper used as main artistic medium in current SAM exhibit

With the World Wars emerged a growing concern for rationing. And for media outlets, this attitude of conservation led to a reconsideration of paper-type. Thus, an inexpensive form of entertainment began: pulp fictions. And not the 1994 Tarantino film. Currently featured at the Seattle Art Museum, “Pulp Fictions,” is a gallery located just behind the […]

Students demand accessibility

Advocates for ramp to be built alongside theater

As the site of countless performances and events, Seattle Pacific University’s McKinley Hall is a central hub for students, faculty and visitors. It is a place to build community and a place for all to take part in. All, except for people like Daniel, that is. 23-year-old Daniel Carlson has cerebral palsy, preventing him from […]