Artist inspired by culture

Aristone tours in WA

For Slovak singer-songwriter Peter Aristone, performance has given him an invaluable opportunity to share his music with various cultures. While being on tour can be tiring and challenging at times, Aristone says it’s an adventure that is always worth it. “It’s a fantastic experience just to see different cultures and different countries, different people, different […]

Friday 13th tattoos

Spooky friday, spooky tattoos at Rat City

Angel Murrietta, the owner of Rat City Tattoo, began a customer appreciation event that took on a life of its own. Though the thought was simple, the event became much more than an opportunity to get an inexpensive tattoo. “We like making memories for people. Shoot, there was a kid in here who had nothing […]

SPU Alumn, now author

Moorea Seal’s advice for designs

Having a comfortable and inviting space to call home can be a challenge, but Seattle Pacific Alumna Moorea Seal hopes to make the journey easier through her expertise with interior design. Seal’s published work “Making Yourself At Home” not only includes helpful tips for how to make the home unique to the personality of the […]

Color run unites campus

Explosion of vibrant hues covers campus

On Friday morning, students walking to class may have noticed the sidewalks stained in color, and patches of blue, green, orange and purple on the grass. Arrows sketched in chalk appeared at intervals, along with the occasional message of encouragement: “Keep it up!” The upper levels of Dravus parking lot were stained red, and behind […]

The blessing of home

Photography conveys the majesty that is home

A fiery orange canvas was painted across the sky as a mixture of dust and ash floated in the air. Darkened palm leaves stood outside a nearby home reflected upon a pool of water. This alluring, yet destructive scene of a Californian wildfire was captured seemingly effortlessly by photographer Jeff Frost and whose work is […]