Helping after Hurricane Mitch

No worries are not what you expect to find with people heading for disaster and an almost comfortless environment. But members of the five Seattle Pacific Reach-Out International (SPRINT) teams headed out this Christmas break seem to be ready for anything. "We wrote down all our fears, concerns and problems and went in the other […]

The life of a freshman

It’s eleven o’clock on a Tuesday evening and I am returning to my dorm after several hours of studying for tomorrow’s midterm. Walking into Hill Hall I notice that several people have congregated in the front lobby. A few are swing dancing; a girl is frantically pounding on the vending machine. In the lounge, several […]

The Sultan of Swing

Can you guess the latest fad to hit Seattle Pacific University? It’s wholesome, looks better than today’s dancing and it’s a lot of fun, according to junior Cliff Donathon, president of the newly-formed Swing Club. That’s right – swing dancing. "I don’t like the fact that it’s such a big fad," Donathon said. "It’s good […]


I like country music. That’s the first time I’ve even attempted to say that out loud! I’ve been in denial so long that I still lie awake at night and ask myself how I fell so far. Here and now, I am stepping out of the dark closet of cowboy boots and wrangler tags and […]

‘An Inspector Calls’

We are all alone. None of us has any direct connection to one another. Is that really true? Not by the looks of things after watching "An Inspector Calls," the latest Seattle Pacific University theater production. "We need each other," director George Scranton said. "We don’t live alone." This weekend will be the second run […]


I am paranoid. It’s rather self-centered of me, actually. When I’m working out in the Robbins weight room/closet, I imagine Security personnel watching me on the security camera and eating popcorn. Walking into a crowd of laughing people, I check my teeth for spinach. Even in the comfort of my own apartment, I can’t stand […]