On the Verge explores strength, vulnerability

Newly released exhibit at Photographic Center Northwest features photography from staggering heights

REVIEW–What is it like to stand on top of a skyscraper? Does it induce a feeling of vertigo or is it exciting being so close to danger? Does that make someone a thrill-seeker or self-destructive? Jun Ahn’s exhibit at the Photographic Center Northwest ponders these exact questions. Ahn explores the balance between strength and vulnerability […]

After Hours rejuvenates student energy

Students step away from week for evening of memories, community-building with peers

As the pressure of upcoming midterms hits, many students may feel the need to stay on campus and study endlessly. With this in mind, STUB decided to create an event for students in their busy week to step away from the books and enjoy time with friends. On Thursday, Jan. 18, STUB hosted “After Hours,” […]

Finding confidence through art

Lingua’s Pop Up Art Gallery features student talents

A pop-up gallery revels in spontaneity and immediacy; a quick snapshot into complex operations. Senior Lauren Olson, editor of SPU’s Lingua, finds value in pop-ups, because they help establish an artistic community wherever they spring up. She believes in creating “space where artists can engage, connect, and for [people] to have an outlet of expression.” […]