Small show with enormous laughs

A small cast with a large personality, Seattle Pacific Theatre department’s rendition of Oh Coward! reveres Noel Coward and his great contribution to the theater. A musical revue devised by Roderick Cook, the performance opened on May 21. Coward’s effervescent music and captivating repartee combine for an evening encapsulating his talent to amuse. As the […]

Owl City finds new focus

Since Owl City’s “Firefly” in 2009, Adam Young has captured hearts with lyrics tailor-made for crushing teens. Over the years though, the band has increasingly sounded like The Postal Service, and wide dislike for similar-sounding albums has cost Owl City many followers. However, Young’s latest album, Mobile Orchestra—to be released July 10, 2015—has the ability […]

Tomorrowland’s dystopian dream

Brad Bird is an interesting sort of auteur. He made a name for himself in the animation industry, where he directed introspective, family-friendly powerhouses like The Iron Giant and The Incredibles. His first foray into live-action directing resulted in the surprisingly adequate Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. While it wasn’t the greatest action movie, it had […]

Catalyst bonds cultures

For students, faculty and staff passing by Seattle Pacific’s Martin Square, Catalyst’s “A Taste of Heaven” probably seemed more like a party than a church service. Nearly 200 attendees enjoyed the sights, sounds and tastes of several cultures at the May 16 gathering combining Multicultural Night of Worship and International Dinner this quarter. Upbeat music […]

Sequel struggles to stay in key

Pitch Perfect 2 follows all-female a cappella group The Bellas during their senior year at fictional Barden University. After a humiliating command performance at Lincoln Center, the Barden Bellas enter an international competition no American group has ever won in an attempt to regain their status and right to perform. A highlight from the first […]