SEA NOW comes to SPU

Seattle Worship group provides space for fellowship, prayer

On a calm and breezy fall night, Hill Hall opened its doors to the Seattle Night of Worship, transforming the lobby into an intimate setting. String lights dimly illuminated the space while chairs were set in a semi-circle fashion to face the musicians providing the worship. The lobby was open to anyone that wanted to […]

Quinn XCII energizes Neumos

Detroit-based singer, songwriter on the rise

Photos by Lauren Giese The Falcon REVIEW On a normal Monday night, Quinn XCII brought the energy to Neumos in Seattle. This Detroit-based singer and songwriter shared his unique musical taste with the city and turned the night into a memory for those who attended. In the past couple of years, Quinn XCII has been on […]

Proper ethics encouraged

Set Free focuses on product sourcing in campus, city

The first step in approaching the issue of modern day slavery is admitting that it is slavery in the first place. As a society, it is easier to hide behind labels like “human trafficking” because the word “slavery” comes with so much baggage. It is the tireless efforts of SPU’s Set Free club, and other […]

Melodies carry meaning

Autumnal concert features four choirs

“Love divine, all loves excelling.” The music rang out through the sanctuary of First Free Methodist Church. Seattle Pacific University’s Chamber Singers and Concert Choir joined with Encore, a guest choir from Timberline High School in Boise, Idaho, enveloping the audience in Charles Wesley’s beautiful hymn. SPU’s Autumn Choral Concert featured four different choirs, provided […]

Literature at Short Run

Festival embraces innovation in arts

From creating poetry comics and zines to stickers, buttons, t-shirts and tote bags, the artistic community in Seattle, a newly designated City of Literature by the UNESCO Creative Cities Network, gathered Saturday to celebrate diversity in both identity and artistic expression. The seventh annual Comix & Arts Festival featured a book expo with 280 exhibitors […]

“Stranger Things” returns

New season has answers

When Netflix’s “Stranger Things” first season ended ambiguously with the character Will Byers (Noah Schnapp), retching up a mysterious and slimy clod, fans everywhere wondered what the next season of the show would bring. What did Will puke up? Is Eleven still alive? In the long-awaited Halloween release of “Stranger Things 2,” creators Ross and […]