Macrae pursues artistry

“Making Marks” showcases creativity, abstract works

REVIEW–At the Shift Gallery in Seattle, Anna Macrae sat working diligently on a new piece of artwork. She finished conversing with a viewer of her paintings, and greeted all with a lovely smile as they come in. The room was filled with paintings that reflected Macrae’s life. Without knowing anything about art, one can tell […]

Work presents visual challenges, rewards

“Finger painting” reveals complexities

“The digital drawings represent my take on tension between order and disorder, between predictability and spontaneity,” said Joseph Pentheroudakis in his artist statement at the Shift Gallery. “Digital with digital media has allowed me to engage extensively with that tension, using a varied vocabulary of lines and shapes, colors and value, and an array of […]

Seattle honors the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

Local church holds public movie screening and discussion on racial equality in America

Monday was not just another day of cancelled classes and sleeping in; it was a day for the country to remember the life and legacy of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a man whose work was dedicated to the pursuit of civil rights for all races. In honor of King, the regal and […]

Hawaii Night promotes discussion, community

Students gather to appreciate, understand the culture of Hawaii

“Something that I’ve noticed is that a lot of people have questions about Hawaii,” sophomore Alexa Nava said. In order to address some of these questions, Nava and others joined together for SPU’s “Hawaii Night.” “I was hoping to have this night to share some food and some dancing and some really cool activities surrounding […]

Creating more than a cup of joe

Top Pot provides complimentary coffee tasting in an effort to educate and serve its customers

It is customary to walk into a doughnut shop and be introduced with a pleasant sensory overload of fresh sensations, the scent of sweet dough lingering in the air, the hum milk steaming behind the counter and the constant chatter between those in line or sitting down together. Top Pot has become a hit establishment […]

Night of worship unites cultures

Students gather to understand, appreciate others

Like many students at SPU, junior and Catalyst Student Ministry Programmer Nathan Samayo values his cultural origins and the ways in which it affects the community that surrounds him. Samayo, who comes from a Chamorro and Filipino background, explained, “Growing up, I lived in a very diverse community, but was largely influenced by my parents’ […]