New club offers disability support

Abilities Advocacy made official

  It’s not hard to identify the difficulties an individual with a physical disability may face when navigating Seattle Pacific University’s campus. Stairs are required to access most locations set into the hilly Seattle terrain and not all buildings have elevators. This is why Abilities Advocacy, SPU’s new club for disability support and awareness, meets […]

Rising tuition rates at SPU

2016-2017 to bring five percent tuition increase

  If the incoming freshmen for the 2016-2017 school year were heading to college the year they were born, 1997, they would pay just $14,130 in tuition for a year at Seattle Pacific University. Instead, for their first year of college they are set to pay about $38,520. The increase of $1,836 is five percent […]

Compensations appealed

For SPRINT leader Alexis Varela, her monthly stipend is more than just money. “Money communicates value,” Varela told senators. “And where money is put communicates what’s valued here at SPU.” Last Monday, senators focused on compensation for student leadership positions when looking over a proposal concerning changes affecting the 2016-2017 fiscal year. Cuts and increases […]

Diddams, from SPU to Wheaton

Upcoming as first female Provost

Margaret Diddams, Seattle Pacific University’s assistant provost, has been appointed Wheaton’s new Provost, the first female in that position. “It is such a privilege for me,” Diddams said in an interview with the Chicago Tribune. “I am the first female [provost] and, yes, I think that is a big deal.” In 2010, Diddams joined SPU […]


Tuition Increases for 2016-2017 School Year

The total cost to attend Seattle Pacific University next year will be approximately $49,764. This is an increase of $2,325 or 4.9 percent on the $47,439 overall cost students spent to attend SPU in the 2015-2016 school year.   In an email to students on Friday night, President Daniel Martin outlined tuition for the 2016-2017 […]

Women’s stories celebrated, shared on V-Day

Students raise funds for local women’s shelter

Junior Amanda Agrellas believes that every woman is an anthology and that the stories each individual holds about themselves and the women around them make up who they are. “We hold more than our own stories between the covers of our mind,” Agrellas, president of Sophia Club, said. “But along with it are the stories […]

Petition stirs response

Senior Kathy Ahn signed the Seattle Pacific University Unity Petition in hopes of change because she believes the changes it puts forth need to be recognized by the university, especially one that claims to engage the culture and change the world. “I signed it because all of the pillars that they are looking for change […]

Navigating gender issues in the workplace

Women learn to counter sexism and assert role at work

  Someday Meranda Clausen hopes to be a university president. “Why would I shoot for anything less?” Clausen says. “Professor [Jennifer] McKinney says that if you ever have the chance to take another step or stride for women, you need to do that.” Clausen earned an undergraduate degree in Communications from Seattle Pacific University in […]