Chatting it up with com prof

For people all around the world, the fear of public speaking oftentimes outweighs the fear of death. Shannon Scott, assistant professor of communication, knew this fear all too well growing up. "I was so terrified of public speaking that I was going to transfer to a different high school because my school required that we […]

Artist shows passion for justice

Brett Dennen took main stage at The Triple Door, selling out tickets and filling the room for an intimate evening of relaxing folk-rock jams on Nov. 5. The 28-year-old singer-songwriter isn’t your typical guitar playing front-man. At 6-foot-4-inch, with shaggy red hair, he tells jokes, stories and performs barefoot, immediately putting his audience at ease […]

Seniors prep for graduation

For many seniors, the question, "what are you doing after graduation?" can be very frustrating and cause for much stress. Although the task of figuring out the answer to this question can seem overwhelming, SPU provides the resources necessary to make the transition from school to graduation easier. Patty Farmer, a career counselor from the […]

Film fest zeroes in on politics

Just in time for a heated election, Seattle Pacific will be hosting its annual Film Festival this weekend. This year’s theme will be American Electoral Politics in Film. The Office of Student Programs, the Department of Communication and Journalism and ASSP are inviting students to attend the annual Film Festival, which will be hosted in […]

Study abroad takes a new approach

SPU is taking steps toward making a change. A new office, Web site and coordinator, all centralized in Marston Hall, will be forming the new study abroad program. Gail DeBell, the new study abroad coordinator for SPU, will be able to help students select programs, expedite the process of applications, secure finances and advise them […]

Folklife showcases local artistry

Seattle’s annual Northwest Folklife Festival continued into its 37th year as a popular attraction this Memorial Day weekend, despite a shooting that left two festival attendees wounded on Saturday evening. What started out as a fight between two men resulted in one man pistol-whipping the other, leaving two other people disassociated with the fight with […]