Get on board, offline

Nestled in among a multitude of coffee and tea shops on Queen Anne Avenue North, Blue Highway Games is one of those places that doesn’t grab your attention right away, but when it does, you’re in for a delightful surprise. Open since July 2007, Blue Highway is wholly devoted to non-electronic gaming and carries almost […]

Glitz, glam, greatness

In a play directed by David Armstrong and based on Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee’s timeless comedy, Auntie Mame, the title character comes to Seattle in all her glitz and glamour, taking the 5th Avenue Theatre by storm. Complete with a live orchestra, toe tapping choreography and charming characters, "Mame" is a delight from […]

“State” of dramatic tension

Advertised as a romantic comedy with a political underpinning, "Blue State," written and directed by Marshal Lewy and starring and co-produced by Anna Paquin, will no doubt leave you a little surprised. John Logue (Breckin Meyer), an intensely liberal political activist, is cock-sure that George W. Bush will lose in the 2004 election and John […]

Behind the scenes of “Blue State”

The politically grounded comedy "Blue State," starring Anna Paquin and Breckin Meyer, tells the story of the unlikely relationship between a political activist (Meyer) and a mysterious diehard (Paquin). On screen, the couple is extremely compatible, pulling off their awkwardness, tension and interest in each other perfectly. In a recent phone conversation with the actors, […]

Valentine’s Day gone global

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. It’s the day that celebrates all forms of cheesiness, sappiness and mushiness, causes Hallmark card sales to skyrocket and makes hearts flutter in secret expectation. American shop windows are decked out in white, red and pink. Roses are gifted with anticipation and heart-strewn […]

Sorrentino Trattoria and Pizzeria: bringing the Mediterranean home

Sorrentino Trattoria and Pizzeria is where fine Italian dining and romantic Mediterranean atmosphere meet–right up the hill on Queen Anne Avenue. With its small, cozy interior, low lighting, candlelit tables and warm saffron colors, the aura is perfect. Italian art lines the walls and rich red curtains throw a warm glow over a restaurant that […]

Beating those winter blues

It’s January. The cozy, tinselly feelings that come with carols, cookies and Christmas break are fizzling fast and are rapidly being replaced by a desolate, bleak frame of mind, otherwise known as "winter blues." But before you sit yourself down for a pity party brought on by grey weather and irritable people, take a moment […]