Business ethics in the Bible

Long ago, there lived a man who, through perseverance, was able to throw off the shackles of slavery and become one of the most influential figures of his time. This man was named Joseph, said Al Erisman, executive-in-residence for the School of Business and Economics. On Feb. 25, Erisman discussed the biblical story of Joseph […]

Solar panels coming to Otto Miller

Energy bills are breaking the backs of the average American, said sophomore Kevin Crow. Many people can’t afford to pay their energy bills, he said. With energy prices sky-rocketing nationwide, people are looking for a clean and renewable energy source to power their homes. For her senior project, alumna McKenzie Brister designed a system of […]

Micro loans combat poverty

Throughout the world, millions of people are suffering under the oppressive burden of poverty. Destitute and without any means of providing for their families, people are trapped in a never ending cycle of despair. HOPE International aims to break this cycle. On Jan. 15, Peter Greer, president of HOPE International, spoke to SPU students in […]

Club provides safe place for all views

Even at Christian universities, students from more conservative backgrounds can face ridicule at the hands of their professors and peers. This problem is occurring even here at SPU, said Margaret Brown, associate professor of psychology. However, a new club spearheaded by Brown and Reed Davis, professor of political science, aims to correct this problem. The […]

Nakagawa focuses on African aid

Children in Mozambique die every year from preventative diseases that could be cured with the right medication. Unfortunately, this medication is not readily available to them. That’s where Craig Nakagawa and his company VillageReach step in. Rain hammered the windows of the Library Seminar Room as Nakagawa spoke about his company’s work in Africa. SPU’s […]