Bullets, blood and Bibles

From Christian-themed household items, such as canisters, coasters, hot pads, clocks, mirrors, and pillows, to outdoor items like planters, fountains, bird accessories. One may begin to wonder: how far will the Christian market industry go to reach, influence, and create new customers? Left Behind has gone too far. Through the popular activity of computer gaming, […]

Televangelist fools viewers

Many Americans have been led to believe that most televangelists are overzealous, fraudulent, and some are nothing short of being crazy. As a Christian, I am often discouraged to find myself systematically categorized as being of the same mind as these televangelists. Many non-Christians tend to declare motivations when it comes to any religious fervor […]

News scare tactics deadly

Last week, North Korea claimed to have tested weapons of nuclear proportion, and the U.S. government verified Monday that the nation did in fact launch test missiles with nuclear warheads, confirming UN suspicions. The United States has been at odds with Korea since the conflict in the 1950s, and perhaps for good reason; the country’s […]

CFE reforms lacks strength

At both the State of the University address and the Opening Convocation, SPU President Philip Eaton neglected to comment on impending changes to the Christian Faith Exploration (CFE) program. Only shortly after classes began, the Office of Campus Ministries released a letter to students, detailing this school year as an "experimental transition year for CFE." […]

Conforming for college

It isn’t an uncommon trend to witness a Christian’s willingness to compromise his or her beliefs upon entering college in order to be considered socially acceptable by non-Christians. It would seem that at a university like SPU, where we are each surrounded by fellow Christians, it wouldn’t occur very often. Unfortunately, we Christian students at […]

A lack of justice for celebrities

Too often in American society has the public seen celebrities getting away with things ordinary citizens would normally be convicted, arrested, and thrown in jail for, and Sen. Patrick Kennedy’s drunken automotive incident on May 4 only reinforced the notion that justice is certainly not always fair: he got off scot-free. According to the Associated […]

A Spanish U.S. anthem?

The latest controversy in the news swelling to exaggerated proportions is the discussion over adopting a new version of the national anthem. The words to Francis Scott Key’s original musical homage to the United States remain unchanged; it is the tune — and perhaps more importantly — the language that has been altered. Recorded and […]

Women in today’s society

Throughout all the commotion caused by May Madness, I found myself wondering: what’s the point? What’s the agenda of those holding the rally, and is any "larger issue" going to be addressed? In attending the rally, I found that, for the most part, a positive message was conveyed on behalf of the matter at hand. […]