Film puts poverty in focus

Millions of people were affected by the economic downturn of 2008. But last week, students watched a documentary in Demaray Hall 150 that took a close look at four people’s daily struggles with poverty. Urban Involvement presented The Line: Poverty in America—It’s not what you think. The line refers to people living right at the […]

Panel discusses harms of eating disorders, dieting fads

About 50 students on Tuesday learned from a nutrition expert how dieting can actually be a gateway to eating disorders. “Diets send signals of starvation that jack up appetite and suppress metabolic function,” said Emily Cooper, M.D., who founded Seattle Performance Medicine. “Biological factors set the stage for binge eating and eating disorders.” The panel […]

Earning $120,000 or $45,300?

Actuaries on top of salary projection Senior Trevor Taylor is studying actuarial science, or as he calls it, “mathematical fortune telling” for insurance companies. In a more technical sense, actuaries use statistical and mathematical methods to assess risk in insurance and other industries. Their findings might determine things like auto insurance rates in a particular […]