Liberation theology essential to Christianity

Last week The Falcon published an article titled “Manipulation of Social Justice,” in which the author criticized the application of liberation theology in the modern Christian social justice movement. Referring to liberation theology as Marxist, the author insists that it debases the gospel and turns Christians into politicians. The beliefs expressed in the article reflect […]

US interventionism must end: School of the Americas used to control Latin America

The Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHISC), more widely know as the School of the Americas, remains a black spot in United States history. It is one we refuse to erase. The institute, located in Fort Benning, Georgia, provides military training to U.S.-allied Latin American countries. Regardless of heavy criticism from Latin American officials […]

Theology classes not useful

As a Christian institution, Seattle Pacific University’s theological study is the cornerstone of its common curriculum. Come graduation, a traditional undergraduate student will have completed 35 credits of theology classes including USEM, UCOR and UFDN. While undoubtedly personally enriching, these classes require too many credits, and therefore money, which could instead be used for courses […]