Changes in 37five program

For the third time in three years, SPU’s approach to inspiring student participation in worship events has changed. This time, however, the school is expanding its existing program, not ending it. Responding to feedback from students last year, the Office of University Ministries (OUM) has brought 37five back, with a few changes. Last year, the […]

Hip-hop artists bring ‘beats’

On Friday night in Royal Brougham Pavilion, Portland-based rappers Jelani "G-Natural" Greenidge and Jaamar "J-MAC" McKelvey, rapping about breakfast cereal, received enthusiastic applause from 150 attendees. As hip-hop crew "The Iccsters," they performed during the fifth annual Night of Beats, including the song "Cereal," which features rhymes about rap skills and a relationship with Christ […]

Box office sucess of the week

Based on the box office numbers that "Iron Man" brought in this weekend ($104.2 million domestic, the second best ever for a non-sequel), it appears that people love Robert Downey Jr. and still can’t get enough of films based on Marvel Comics superheroes. Listening to the sound of the register ringing, Marvel announced on Monday […]

Playing, planning to leave senior gifts

When the 2008 ASSP Senior Gift Committee met to begin brainstorming fundraising ideas for this year’s senior gift, they realized that they didn’t have clear directions on how to proceed. As the committee started working with University Advancement in their planning, they found that there were no records on the work of previous committees. So […]

More of the same far from a bad thing

If you haven’t heard of New Zealand folk/pop/comedy duo Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie, aka Flight of the Conchords, by now, congratulations that you’re reading this review and finally getting a dose. As of this last year, they’re full-on internationally famous, Grammy-winning television stars on a self-titled HBO series ("Flight of the Conchords"), in addition […]

Engaging the culture at the movies

Seattle audiences have a unique opportunity to embrace Polish culture, history and language over the next week, as the Seattle-Gdynia Sister City Association, Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) and other local groups sponsor the 16th annual Seattle Polish Film Festival. This year’s festival promises nearly 40 films, from animated features to independent and student films […]

Epic story, small scale

It’s easy, when thinking of Greek mythology, to conjure up unwittingly images of all-too-human squabbles between endlessly immature, overpowered gods. These beings often overshadow their human devotees, or at the very least control their destinies until these humans become nothing more than tragic pawns in some great Olympian game. In the Seattle Repertory Theatre’s production […]