Nepal government steals aid money

It is easy to dismiss death and destruction happening across the globe and not in your own backyard. We acknowledge the tragedy of the circumstance but hardly the story. Such is the case with many natural disasters, like the 7.8 magnitude earthquake and 6.7 magnitude aftershock in Nepal. When a natural disaster occurs in a country, […]

Child slavery still prevalent in Haiti

Under orders from Napoléon Bonaparte, an army of over 20,000 French soldiers swarmed Haiti in 1802 in an unsuccessful attempt to regain French control after a slave revolution. After months of fighting, the Haitian revolutionaries defeated the French military forces, and on January 1, 1804, Haiti announced itself autonomous from French rule. It was now […]

Housing changes hinder community

For many Seattle Pacific University students, the end of spring quarter signifies the end of a year spent building community, enjoying traditions and forging relationships with floor mates that will hopefully last for years to come. For freshmen, this year was full of exciting new experiences with new friends. For sophomores, the year was spent […]

China’s reclamation acts damaging

China’s recent reclamation acts in the South China Sea have caught the attention of surrounding nations, especially those who have territory claims in the disputed waters.In a clear power play, China is building artificial islands throughout the South China Sea, attempting to assert its dominance over the region despite multiple territory claims by other nations. […]

Venezuela declared a security threat

All it took was a young girl claiming to be the victim of attempted rape to trigger protests and government violence in Venezuela. The girl’s allegations drew the attention of Venezuelan students who began protesting against social, political and financial injustices in Venezuela. When the government responded with violence and incarceration, their movement gained momentum. […]

Eating disorders psychological: Mental health plays bigger role in eating disorders than media

National Eating Disorder Awareness Week draws attention to an important and widespread issue in our society. Many people know what it is like to look in the mirror and not be satisfied with the reflection staring back. Everyone wants to feel confident about their body image. But despite prevalent assumptions, eating disorders are not a […]

Slavery still prevelant today: Human trafficking should be addressed by US legislation

Slavery seems to be an outdated term for most of present day society. Slavery is illegal; no one would openly condone the absolute control of another human being’s life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. We have written off slavery as a horrible atrocity, but one that happened years ago, before the Emancipation Proclamation. However, we […]