‘My story doesn’t even sound real’

On May 17, 52-year-old single mother Kathleen Rainwater missed class because her 21-year-old daughter Klaryssia slammed her 23-year-old daughter Kelsey’s finger in a door. Klaryssia is one of Rainwater’s four current special needs children. At one time, Rainwater had nine special needs foster children. “I still have a strong heart for it [being a foster […]

Christa Pierce to publish first book

Twenty-two-year-old senior Christa Pierce is getting her first book published. With the help of Steven Malk, a Writer’s House LLC literary agent, Pierce signed a two-book deal with HarperCollins on Friday for a children’s book she wrote and illustrated. Pierce said she has had a passion for children’s books since she herself was a child. […]

Society must continue making progress

Imagine having a whole new planet. We could start over. We could correct our past mistakes. Aliens are usually pictured with seven sticky eyes sporadically spaced on sickly green heads; robotic sounds produced by a fang-filled, purple-tongued mouth; three gangly arms and four noodle-like legs. Not many people believe in these little guys, but what […]