New image could benefit America

The end of America is coming, sooner than you think. Tired of being American, the United States has decided to become Afghan, as soon as 2002 Independence Day celebrations have ended. The decision was based on already-budgeted firework displays, and on the advice of Ann Landers and a committee of stress analysts. "A mass identity […]

Defining Christian sexuality

It’s OK to be gay at SPU–just don’t have sex. The differentiation between homosexual activities and homosexual sexual activities in this year’s code of conduct is fascinating because it serves as a tacit acceptance of homosexuality, but the university administration is unwilling or afraid to venture further. You can love someone of the same sex […]

Our crowded campus

Last weekend, the SUB was closed, and so I wrote my Falcon article while perched on the railing of Tiffany Hall. It was the perfect vantage point for watching a long trail of students walk up, try the SUB doors and walk away. Without the SUB, students, especially commuters, have two choices for spots to […]

Is a third testament coming?

Is the Bible finished? If John’s Revelation beasts don’t crawl out of the sea in the next few years, what will happen to the Bible? In a thousand years, will it still consist of only an Old and New Testament? About 450 years lie between the Old and New Testament, and since the New Testament, […]

A modern-day burning bush

It’s almost a week later, and all the newspapers are still featuring stories about the infamous "ILOVEYOU" virus that, earlier this week, infiltrated computer systems all over the world. Web sites and e-mail systems at TWA and UPS were shut down for most of the day, though SPU’s WebMail escaped with only a short period […]