Drinking on campus increases

It was a Friday night. Juan Rodriguez, then a sophomore at SPU, and some friends were sitting around his Robbins apartment sipping on Corona with a couple cases within arms reach. "We were just hanging out on a Friday night when the PAs (peer advisers) came bursting in out apartment," Rodriguez said. After watching their […]

Harvard surveys college drinkers

Men dressed in black sports coats man the door. Patrons line up like sardines halfway down the block in Belltown. It is 11 on a Wednesday night, "ladies’ night" at Belltown Billiards. SPU students and alumni decorate the walls of Belltown Billiards, some with drinks in hand, others just enjoying the ambiance. Some live on […]

Overcoming adversity

It was the first practice of the Oregon All-State team and things were going smoothly for Kirsten Daniel. Daniel and her teammates from the West Oregon team were in a warm-up scrimmage when Daniel was flying up the court to catch her defensive assignment. As she raced down the court she sharply turned to cut […]