Unprepared to deal with alcohol

Rumors have been circulating that SPU is considering attaching a bottle of Jack Daniels to every diploma — a heartfelt way of saying, "Congratulations and good luck." Actually, that statement is entirely unfounded. But I would find this situation about as counterintuitive as attempting to insert four "dry years" into a young life, followed by […]

The persistent dangers of booze

If the Bible does not condemn the consumption of alcohol, then why does SPU? There are reasons. "More than 40 percent of separated or divorced women were married to or lived with a problem drinker. More than three-fourths of female victims of nonfatal, domestic violence reported that their assailant had been drinking or using drugs" […]

Drunkenness: Bible-approved?

We all know there is much more to SPU’s alcohol policy than a Biblical interpretation. The relationship between alcohol and pragmatism is real and consequential. But before getting to that, I want to analyze alcohol from a Biblical perspective. Most scholars agree that "wine" consumed during and prior to the first century was considerably less […]

Question tradition

Every organization, country, company, religion, franchise, and little league team has rules. Some are good rules, some are bad, and others are there simply to confuse us. Good rule: employees must wash hands before returning to work. Bad rule: no diving in the pool. Confusing rule: charging foul vs. blocking foul in the NBA. Often, […]

Healthy relationships

We’re college students and it’s springtime — a recipe for some kind of wonderful. In honor of a time when young love is blossoming like dandelions, I’ve compiled a list of six secrets to successful relationships (10 wouldn’t fit). I’m no Carrie Bradshaw, and certainly no Dr. Phil. I prefer to think of myself as […]

The joys of television

Thanks to my brother finagling several seasons of "24" on DVD from a friend, I finally watched a full episode. It was entrancing. It also, I have been told, makes Kiefer Sutherland desirable to women. (This is a classic example of subliminal influence.) A few days prior, I watched the last episode of "The Flavor […]