Students raised in Africa, Asia

For freshman Bethany Thiel, whenever conversations switch to remembering a childhood toy or sitting on Santa’s lap, she is left out. Sophomore Jonathan Hoover has not watched a single episode of "The Office." And when junior Samantha Smith went to Panda Express for the first time, her reaction was, "What is this?" These students are […]

Immediate reform for adult homes

On Jan. 30, the Seattle Times began a three-part investigative series, "Seniors For Sale," which chronicled the abuses of adult family homes in Washington state. The series reported that within the 2,843 adult homes, there have been accounts of the elderly being imprisoned in their beds, drugged into submission or left without proper medical treatment […]

Counterpoint on Scripture

For the past few years at SPU, the issues surrounding homosexuality and sexual orientation have been hotly debated. In joining this discussion, I would like to examine a few biblical texts and discuss the nature of love. Romans 1:26-27 states that, "Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged […]

Christian response to Tiger Woods

On Jan. 13, Jason Eric Kay, an artist from Colorado, was arrested. His crime? Allegedly relabeling Gatorade bottles in a grocery store with pictures of Tiger Woods, his wife and the word "unfaithful." Ever since Woods’s car accident at the end of November, the media has been in a feeding frenzy. However, there are better […]