Conformity not an option

It is about time that someone welcomed those who didn’t go to CityQuest, Big Party, Involvorama, or the soccer game. I’ve seen you around campus with your black trench coats, piercings, hemp clothing and other hippie, Goth, or indie rocker paraphernalia. The fact is that there are people that don’t conform to the social norm […]

The arts need support

Who here saw “The Glass Menagerie” when SPU performed it a few weeks ago? Please raise your hand. Yes, that’s right. Only a few of you. You can put your hands down now. SPU has a serious issue on its hands that few people are aware of, which is part of the problem. This issue […]

Differences should not seperate people

Diversity is in the air this fall as the National Christian Multicultural Student Leader’s Conference (NCMSLC) took to campus last week. As over 300 students came to continue discussion about diversity and racial reconciliation, I thought it might be time to attempt my opinion again. There are a good number of keywords being thrown around, […]

Voters chose the wrong man

It is my unfortunate duty to inform you of some bad news. By the time you are reading this, bands of hooligans may be roaming the streets, signaling a new era of terror in America. Although this article was written before the vote, I must inform you that America has picked the wrong man for […]

Make choices while you can

After a summer working in politics, I was interested in politics for the first time ever. Sudden impulses to watch Comedy Central were replaced by curious channel surfing between channels 44 and 48 looking for news to soak up. Now the only thing I watch on Comedy Central is The Daily Show, which fulfills that […]

Scary campaigning adventures

PART ONE There is a vote soon. Many have noticed this fact, although a few people without e-mail, telephone, television, snail mail or friends might have missed the message. In this vote, the population of the United States who are 18 years old or older and registered to vote get to either stamp a ticket, […]