Life is bigger than eternity

Matt Bollinger’s article on Universalism fall quarter caused me to seriously reconsider my own picture of the afterlife, particularly as it relates to this life. Universalists point to some very interesting contradictions in the normal conception of Heaven, Hell and the ultimate justice that these places supposedly mete out. On the surface, eternal punishments or […]

Our language makes enemies

In my ongoing crusade against the standard conservative Christian world view, I’d like to bring up a new topic: language. Wait a minute; I need to reconsider that first sentence. If I’ve got a beef with Christian language, I might as well use my own as an example. Here are the pros: This sentence makes […]

Life is not black and white

Reading some of the much-appreciated criticism of my lifestyle expectations op-ed last week, I ran across a statement that took me aback. I found it in Kevan Lee’s article “SPU: proudly countercultural.” Here’s what Lee had to say: “how is letting things slide a virtue? Moral relativism, which is what letting things slide amounts to, […]

SPU has confused priorities

I think it has become abundantly clear after the lifestyle expectations series that we as a community define ourselves by what we don’t do. We don’t drink, we don’t smoke and we don’t have sex. It can sometimes be hard to see through the evangelical haze here at SPU, but let’s not forget that these […]