Paying tribute to mother figures

Calling for social reconstruction through changing our dialogue

I am all too familiar with the phrase “father figure,” but I’ve never heard “mother figure” used in the same context. In the past, I’ve found myself using this language when I speak of my own experiences. Given that the most positive, influential people in my life have always been women, I believe this kind […]

Night of worship unites cultures

Students gather to understand, appreciate others

Like many students at SPU, junior and Catalyst Student Ministry Programmer Nathan Samayo values his cultural origins and the ways in which it affects the community that surrounds him. Samayo, who comes from a Chamorro and Filipino background, explained, “Growing up, I lived in a very diverse community, but was largely influenced by my parents’ […]

“Stranger Things” returns

New season has answers

When Netflix’s “Stranger Things” first season ended ambiguously with the character Will Byers (Noah Schnapp), retching up a mysterious and slimy clod, fans everywhere wondered what the next season of the show would bring. What did Will puke up? Is Eleven still alive? In the long-awaited Halloween release of “Stranger Things 2,” creators Ross and […]

Z Publishing reaches out to Vigil

From reading stories to creating, writing her own

In her childhood, SPU third-year English student Brooke Vigil often felt as if she was “overshadowed” by the accomplishments of her siblings. She also felt disconnected from her peers. While the other kids showed interest in the latest toys and fads, Vigil showed interest in books. But Vigil always knew that she was “different.” She […]

Recognizing Red Flags

OSS holds first monthly Brown Bag event in the Library

Girls and women between the ages of 16 and 24 experience the highest rate of intimate violence, according to loveisrespect, an online resource for victims of domestic and dating abuse. Gender-based violence is a topic that permeates college campuses. The loveisrespect website states that “most college students are not equipped to deal with dating abuse.” […]

Analyzing sexual misconduct policies at SPU: a case study

Written support from OSS is not enough, Edlund says

Becky Edlund, a former student of Seattle Pacific University, stated during an interview with The Falcon, “As someone who attended SPU for two years and plans to get my degree from there – The fact that I didn’t know that [sex discrimination policies] were getting changed every year is kind of alarming.” Edlund pointed out […]

Professor launches research

Grant allows for study on work, faith connection

For Denise Daniels, a Seattle Pacific University professor of management, it is important to understand “how people of faith, particularly Christians, understand and think of faith in the context of work.” Daniels became interested in the topic of “work and faith” when she observed that the information on the topic is largely “normative,” meaning that […]

SPU community shares stories of culture clash

Commonalities found within biracial experiences of SPU students, faculty

For Associate Professor of Theology Brian Bantum, growing up as a “mixed black person” had a large effect on his childhood. “Because I was black and grew up with my [white] family in a white neighborhood, I took on  presuppositions about the world, and I saw myself as more white,” Bantum said. In grade school, […]