Professor launches research

Grant allows for study on work, faith connection

For Denise Daniels, a Seattle Pacific University professor of management, it is important to understand “how people of faith, particularly Christians, understand and think of faith in the context of work.” Daniels became interested in the topic of “work and faith” when she observed that the information on the topic is largely “normative,” meaning that […]

SPU community shares stories of culture clash

Commonalities found within biracial experiences of SPU students, faculty

For Associate Professor of Theology Brian Bantum, growing up as a “mixed black person” had a large effect on his childhood. “Because I was black and grew up with my [white] family in a white neighborhood, I took on  presuppositions about the world, and I saw myself as more white,” Bantum said. In grade school, […]

SAMEA hosts Palestine speaker

Reverend calls for freedom from misled ideas

For Palestinian Reverend Alex Awad, whose current home is in Jerusalem, Palestinian oppression is a daily reality. Awad recalled his daily encounters at Israeli military border checkpoints. “I look to the left and right, and there are Jewish settlements on Palestinian land,” he said. “I look at the checkpoint, and there are young Israeli soldiers […]

Engaging homelessness through personal experience

Students gather to talk about Urban Plunge and Seattle’s homelessness crisis

To many students at Seattle Pacific University, being a part of Urban Involvement’s Urban Plunge has given them a much more realistic outlook on homelessness. This was especially the case for first-year physiology major Samuel Black who got involved in Urban Plunge in December of 2016. “We were only out for five days, so [our […]

Seattle fights for social justice

Black Lives Matter march draws crowd

Roughly 7,000 Black Lives Matter activists in Seattle banded together to crowd the streets of downtown, protesting the economic inequality that so many people within America’s black community face. On Saturday, April 15, The Black Freedom Front of Seattle hosted the Facebook event titled, “BlackLivesMatter – March on Seattle 2.0,” a three-mile march that started […]

Bike club raises funds for refugees with ride

Three bicyclists discuss riding 400 miles through Washington state

In June of 2016, three members of Seattle Pacific University’s Bike Club, Barrett Estep, Garrett Berkey and Kelsey Lucido, joined the World Relief SEA-TRI-KAN cycling ride, embarking on a five-day journey where they rode 400-miles through the state of Washington. And the club plans to participate again. The purpose of the ride was for cyclists […]

Online Exclusive: “The Divide” panelists reflect on gender polarization

'Gender is a social construct' Neuhouser said

Before the audience’s questions were heard, they found themselves questioning their own experiences. Junior Courtney Perine, STUB’s main coordinator for the “The Divide: Making Sense of Gender in Today’s Polarized World,” gave a series of three directions that aroused a consideration of gender in the audience. “Please move to the windows if you played with […]

Giving women deserved dignity

Sophia Club organizes first tampon drive

  Appalled by the accounts of homeless women struggling to cope with their periods, the members of Sophia Club decided to take action by holding the club’s first tampon drive at Seattle Pacific University. Bustle, a femenist news source, released a video documentary last October that addressed how homeless women manage their periods without sufficient […]