Year in Review 2010-2011

<strong>Haven gains official campus recognition</strong> Following a Feb. 24 meeting with the Human Sexuality Advisory Group, Haven leaders announced to their supporters that Haven is now an officially recognized registered student organization with rights to reserve on-campus meeting space and advertise. Haven is SPU’s student group devoted to discussing issues of sexuality. Until now, Haven […]

Office becomes home

Behind Beegle Hall on the far side of campus, there is a small, gray house. This is The Falcon’s office, and for most of the week, the residence sits empty. But every Monday and Tuesday night, this lonely, little house is filled with some of the most exciting, engaging, intellectually stimulating ideas I have encountered […]

Gaga for Gospel

I must admit: I did not want to become a believer. But the more I heard, the more I listened; the more I listened, the more I understood; the more I understood, the more I believed. And how precious did Lady Gaga appear, the hour I first believed. But not everyone has seen the light. […]

Staff editorial

Across the world, believers and non-believers alike attended “rapture parties” in preparation for 6 p.m. Saturday — the day that was supposed to usher in five months of death and destruction on Earth. When absolutely nothing occurred at that hour, most of humanity was left on Earth; indeed, most of humanity was unshaken by the […]

Staff editorial

Microsoft finally owns a verb — that is, a company whose name is used as a verb: Skype. According to a May 11 Seattle Times blog post by Sharon Pian Chan, Microsoft’s recent purchase of Skype is the largest purchase in Microsoft’s history. The acquisition will earn Microsoft more than 170 million monthly Skype customers, […]

Staff editorial

First, there were “birthers”; now, there are “deathers.” The White House announced this week that photographs of Osama bin Laden’s remains will not be released, in spite of mass public demands for “proof” of his death. Regardless of such clamor and controversy, the administration’s decision to withhold the photographs is a wise one. The photos […]

Staff editorial

Over 145 people lost their lives in the fatal tornados that ravaged the state of Alabama last week. The overall death toll, according to BBC News, is the second deadliest tornado outbreak in American history. Instead of devoting coverage to those events, the April 28 front page of the New York Times featured a large […]