SPU apparel: lacking moral fiber?

A gray sweatshirt emblazoned “Seattle Pacific University” hangs in the SPU bookstore with the label “Made in Honduras.” Behind it is a sweatshirt identical in every way – but this one was made in Mexico. Garments bearing the SPU insignia are supplied by about 10 different clothing brands, which are in turn supplied by factories […]

Marital sex is not always bliss

Sophomore Monica Clements said that she frequently hears the joke that "some people only want to get married so they can have sex and not feel guilty." But according to Counseling Center Director Jen Hutchings and counselor Kyle Erickson, this is hardly a joke. A number of staff and faculty observed that many SPU students […]

Masturbation: release or sin?

Dr. James Dobson says on the Focus on the Family website that masturbation is only a problem if it is obsessive, utilizes pornography, causes oppressive guilt or becomes a substitute for sex within marriage. Bible.com lists "what does the Bible say about masturbation?" as one of its most frequently asked questions, and spends over 2,500 […]

Bringing sex out of the darkness

When Professor of Theology Dr. Rick Steele looks at SPU students, he sees them being pulled in four different directions. People are maturing sexually earlier than ever before but marrying later, he said, and in the ever-increasing time between the two, they are trapped in an oversexed culture. Add to that the Christian purity ethic, […]

2005-2006 tuition up 6.5 percent

Seattle Pacific’s 2005-2006 price tag will be just short of $30,000. According to yesterday’s email sent out by President Phil Eaton, overall costs for attending SPU will increase by $1,521 next year to $29,355. Typical room and board will also increase $204, and fees, not included in tuition, will rise by $9 to $336. Tuition […]