Church to reconcile

In light of Black History Month, a time where stories are shared and journeys remembered, the importance of reconciliation needs to surface for those who do not necessarily pay it attention. In a world that is changing at a rapid pace and moving forward with reconciliation, we must engage as citizens of the world to […]

Students stripped by closures

The early years of schooling are critical to a child’s development. It is important to foster the love and importance of learning and education during this time. Intimate classroom settings where kids are allotted engaging and influential experiences typically tend to bring out the best in our youth as we cultivate good habits within them. […]

Unhealthy food attitudes

Sitting in Gwinn Commons was never easy or comfortable. Noticing what the skinny girls put on their plates and into their mouths was a diligent observation Laura had perfected. Twisted thoughts, not of having designer jeans, but having a skinnier body constantly filled her head. Today, Laura Spencer, a senior studio art major at SPU, […]