Political power has a price

As soon as the presidential election returns came in, America began buzzing about the new political power of religion. All the major news outlets have repeatedly claimed that the difference in the 2004 presidential election was provided by conservative evangelical Christians, and that the religious right has been quick to capitalize on this new-found influence […]

Lebanon takes a stand

It seems like a successful Middle Eastern policy has always eluded us. Whether American aims have been well-meaning or self-serving, getting things right in that part of the world has always been outside of our grasp. We have never really understood the region, and the efforts we make to build bridges into Middle Eastern society […]

Canada’s heroin fix

You can literally see people dying in the streets. Narcotics Anonymous estimates there to be more than 600,00 heroin addicts in the United States and Canada (www.na.org). It contributes significantly to the spread of HIV and AIDS. More than three percent of American high school students have tried it at least once, and that number […]

U.S. borders unsafe

It’s one of the most common pieces of the 21st century’s official jargon. Though it is obviously not as talked about as terms like "liberty" or "freedom," the ever-present "homeland security" has become a phrase we hear ever day. Through election season both candidates were talking about it. It is still discussed by the talking […]

Don’t waste First Amendment

Some called it the Day of Mourning; to others it was Inauguration Day. January 20 marked the official beginning of President Bush’s second term, and was greeted by protests around the United States. In today’s world the event of an inauguration is mostly a formality. The First Lady held the bible, and the President swore […]