The lawyer-doctor conflict

Tony Dyess did everything right. He lived in a good neighborhood with a good hospital nearby and he had health insurance. One day, on his way back from work, he was involved in a car crash. He was immediately taken to a nearby hospital, but there was no neurosurgeon there that could insert a shunt […]

Why aren’t we voting?

American college students are passionate about many things, but voting is not one. Sports, music, movies and even political beliefs stir passion in young Americans, and all are worthwhile, but all are eclipsed by the importance of political involvement. Unfortunately, this is not borne out in the actions of young people. In his book "Tuned […]

Fight for your right to laugh

For years now it has seemed as if sitcom writers have written their dialogue by throwing darts, but lately it seems they have been getting worse at darts. The plotlines have become formulaic and boring and the jokes old and tired. So when a show comes along that breaks this mold it deserves to be […]

Enforcing SPU’s theology

For many of its students, the "Christian" designation is the most appealing aspect of Seattle Pacific. It is certainly this distinction that, more than any other single feature, distinguishes SPU from most of the other choices in the area. Because of this, I think the Christian Faith Exploration (CFE) requirement is appropriate as part of […]