It is OK to love One Direction

Women’s passions, interests not to be shamed

“Every time I get concerned today, I just remind myself that teenage girls are going to save the whole damn world,” tweeted Phillip Picardi, acknowledging the influence that teenage girls have on society. This is a statement you don’t hear often – if at all – as the interests and passions of teenage girls and […]

SPU confessions

Facebook page possibly damaging, unnecessary

It’s time to talk about the elephant on campus: the SPU confessions page. The description of the page reads, “Open confession is good for the soul” with a link to a Google form where anyone can anonymously submit their opinions on anything and everything that comes to mind. Posts range from confessions of love, criticism […]

Interaction reconceptualized

Social media outlets helpful for those with social anxiety

We all know the articles, “Technology is Ruining Society,” “Why Teens Struggle to Have Face to Face Conversations,” “20 Things I Learned From Quitting Social Media For A Month” and so many more that clutter our social media feeds. The irony of these arguments being spread through Facebook and YouTube seems to go straight over […]

Just show respect

Put an end to ableist language and phrases used on daily basis

In today’s day and age, political correctness, while criticized by some, has become a valuable way to show respect to those with varying degrees of disabilities or differences from the average citizen. This has led to the development and subsequent shunning of ableist language and phrases that are used daily. Ableism is the discrimination or […]