Improving the Womxn’s March

The need to spot ableism with this year’s march proves vital, especially when they are subtle moments

Appreciating inclusivity in concept and in practice are two different things. I’m reminded of this in trivial ways, from when I catch myself getting annoyed when an automatic door takes too long to open or when I hate on any usage of Comic Sans because it’s not aesthetically pleasing to me, despite it being a […]

Fighting to be seen

After leaving life behind, undocumented workers face disillusionment

By Manola Secaira and Athena Duran After sunset, when students are studying or sleeping in their dorms and much of Seattle Pacific University’s faculty and staff have long since gone home for the night, Alejandro wakes up. As he gets ready for work, he says goodnight to his two sons, a 4-year-old and a newborn, […]

New cafe helps ‘twist the wick’

Motorcycle- themed coffee shop debuts near SPU

    Contrary to the burly, bandanna-wearing men on Harleys that are the first images to pop into mind when someone says “motorcyclists,” Seattle biker Joelle Smith said the truth is much different. In fact, she said that the local biker community is more welcoming than one might expect. “Bikers, they kind of have that […]

Crime 5/17

Theft On May 6 Seattle Storm towels were stolen from the lower level of Royal Brougham Pavilion. Car Prowl On Wednesday, May 10, a car prowl occurred at the 650 W Bertona apartments. The Crime at SPU report is compiled weekly by the News Editor Manola Secaira from information provided by the Seattle Pacific Office […]

Protests against anti-science trend find place in Seattle’s March for Science

March signals reawakening of student activism, SPU professors say

For some professors at Seattle Pacific University, these past march-filled weeks are nothing new. In fact, last Saturday’s March for Science was more than reminiscent of the past for Professor of Art Laura Lasworth. As Lasworth attended a sign-making gathering for SPU professors interested in Marching, she said it reminded her of the first March […]

Frank firearm discussion

SPU community speaks out on campus carry policies

By Eppey Cook, Tori Hoffman and Manola Secaira Amid proclamations of romantic love and criticism of campus life, two statements appeared on the SPU Confessions Page on Facebook. The first was posted anonymously: “Tbh, I carry my Sig on campus all the time. Take that you silly liberal fruitcakes. Concealed pistol license ftw!” The second […]

Christian faculty members sign statement showing support for “vulnerable” communities

Spurred by rising tensions that have followed the presidential election, Christian professors across the United States have begun circulating a statement, “A Statement of Confession and Commitment,” to show support for “those who are most vulnerable.” Among this group of vulnerable people, the statement references those who fear deportation, assault or mistreatment, adding that “many […]

New VPDEI Announced

Seattle Pacific University has appointed Sandra Richards Mayo as the first-ever Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Mayo hails from Azusa Pacific University where she is currently working as an associate professor and director of the Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership. An email from President Dan Martin announcing her appointment on March 16 said […]