This week’s news

1. 69 people have been declared dead and 600 estimated missing after the Oct. 2 mudslide in Cambray, Guatemala. A section of the mountain above the suburb collapsed, burying at least 68 homes. Workers are continuing to search for the missing people. 2. Migrants headed for the U.K. broke into the 31-mile-long Eurotunnel on Friday, […]

Conference features student research

Theresa Britschgi knows that skills students learn in school can change the world. “[Y]ou’re leading the pathways that we know are essential to improving the health and wellness of people,” Britschgi said. “Not only in our community, but in our state and around the world.” Britschgi, director of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Support […]

Honoring Asian heritage

Following the Vietnam War, Jonathan Tran found himself immersed in a foreign country where his heritage was often the subject of ridicule and stereotypes. “I was picked on a lot because I was Asian,” Tran said, whose family was granted asylum in the United States. “The slurs seemed a permanent part of my identity.” Tran, […]