Vehicle break-ins increasing

According to the Office of Safety and Security, 29 car prowl incidents have been documented since the beginning of this school year. "As of February 2002, we had had 20 incidents that year to date," said Director of Safety and Security Mark Reid. "This year the number was 29 through February." This quarter, Campus Security […]

Security makes plans for emergencies

As emphasis on national security has increased over the past month, SPU’s Safety and Security has formatted a plan to heighten SPU security and to make members of the SPU community aware of dangerous situations. "The FBI made a comment that college campuses could be a target since they are generally open and accessible to […]

Senate approves overhaul

At Monday’s meeting, ASSP Senate passed a proposal to transform the structure of representation within the senate body. Researched and proposed by the Constitutional Review Committee (CRC), the new structure will have more of an academic voice. According to the proposal passed by senate, the move would cut one of the two residence hall senator […]

SPU faces depression

Former Non-Tradition senator and Junior Jonathan Dukes, decided to leave SPU after autumn quarter due to a struggle with depression. He said he came to realize this fall that his condition was not one he could just fix on his own. "It is not something you can just snap out of," he said. "It is […]

ASSP and KSPU cross wires

A misunderstanding between SPU’s campus radio station, KSPU, and the Associated Students of Seattle Pacific (ASSP) was resolved during Monday night’s senate meeting. Previously, some concern arose in senate over KSPU’s decision to purchase a new soundboard before requesting that ASSP provide funds for the cost. After its old soundboard broke, KSPU brought a proposal […]

Student input in aid to increase

Merit-based scholarships for continuing students may be increased next year as a result of an effort made by the newly formed ASSP Student Financial Aid Committee. On Jan. 18, this committee sent a letter to the overseer of the financial aid process, Vice President of Administration and University Relations Marj Johnson, that made the recommendation […]

War with Iraq?

When approached with the debate over whether or not Iraq should be attacked, professor of European history Alberto Ferreiro said yes. "If (Iraq) is clearly in violation of the United Nations regulations, there is no doubt in my mind," he said. "It only encourages other rough states. We need to make clear to Saddam Hussein […]

International students face stricter laws

Ripples from the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, have reached SPU this year by the way of two new government legislations. One of these laws sent the Student Programs office into a flurry of paperwork, organizing each of SPU’s 72 international student’s records to be documented in a government database. The other initially called […]