Students share stories

Blog proves vulnerable, honest

Assistant Professor of Psychology Brittany Tausen began the Fifty Shades of Maroon blog in the fall quarter of 2016. The website provides an opportunity for students to share their stories and read about their peers at SPU. This blog features short profiles about individual students at SPU, accompanied by two photos each. In these two […]

Melodies carry meaning

Autumnal concert features four choirs

“Love divine, all loves excelling.” The music rang out through the sanctuary of First Free Methodist Church. Seattle Pacific University’s Chamber Singers and Concert Choir joined with Encore, a guest choir from Timberline High School in Boise, Idaho, enveloping the audience in Charles Wesley’s beautiful hymn. SPU’s Autumn Choral Concert featured four different choirs, provided […]

Escaping the Jungle of Doom

Hallowscape brings campus together

“Hallowscape,” hosted by the Student Union Board (STUB), presented students with a set of spooky challenges. The upper floor of the campus Student Union Building underwent a Halloween makeover, designed with three unique escape rooms. Hallowscape brought students together for a time of bonding through trust and testing while under the pressures of escaping from […]

SPRINT goes on mission

Student-led organization prepares for Colombia

Seattle Pacific Reach-out International (SPRINT) has been a Seattle Pacific University organization for more than 35 years. SPU students recognize the value in the university’s mission to engage the culture and change the world, and SPRINT is one way to become involved in doing this. SPRINT is a student-led organization that provides opportunities to travel […]

Color run unites campus

Explosion of vibrant hues covers campus

On Friday morning, students walking to class may have noticed the sidewalks stained in color, and patches of blue, green, orange and purple on the grass. Arrows sketched in chalk appeared at intervals, along with the occasional message of encouragement: “Keep it up!” The upper levels of Dravus parking lot were stained red, and behind […]