Year in Review

Nearly three-fourths of faculty participating in a formal vote on semesters is opposed to the switch. Of the 156 votes cast, 116 (74.3 percent) voted against the change, while only 40 (25.6 percent) favored making the switch. Thirty-six faculty members did not submit a ballot by the Friday deadline, putting the voter turnout at 81.25 […]

Amendment stirs up anger

A proposal affirming the quarter system at SPU was struck down amid controversy at last night’s senate. "I felt betrayed," said Hill Hall Vice President Ryan Otto Ulrich, an author of the proposal, in regards to the events. The proposal was penned by a coalition of senators and accompanied by 520 student signatures supporting it. […]

Faculty looking for impetus for semesters

Why should SPU switch to semesters? Despite a recent report from the task force on semesters, many faculty members feel that this question has yet to be answered. At a faculty forum held yesterday, representatives from various departments and programs on campus gave presentations on how a switch to semesters would affect them. Frank Spina, […]

Projected semester schedule unveiled

The task force on semesters released a report last Wednesday that includes a projected calendar and recommended start dates. The report also addresses other practical issues involved in making a change to semesters, such as faculty and student loads and classroom capacity. The report re-emphasized that the task force is merely making recommendations for changes […]

Mission upholds endorsements

As part of this week’s opinions section, The Falcon is endorsing candidates for each of the ASSP offices. Criticism of these endorsements is included in the letters to the editor section. As a result, it needs to be made clear why The Falcon makes endorsements. The criticisms leveled against the endorsement process have generally centered […]