Comic series condemns culture

Isolationist-Christian thought harmful

Jack T. Chick, an evangelical comic publisher who sold over 750 million comic units, has recently passed away at age 92. Perhaps his name is not familiar, but his comics certainly are. Known as “Chick tracts,” these little Christian comic books serve as tools for evangelism in the form of gifts to non-believers. Over 50 […]

Christians, think critically

Instincts not equivalent to Holy Spirit, discernment required

How should Christians go about choosing a president? Should they study the history of Israel? Like when they demanded a king from God even when God warned them about their foolishness? Should they seek wisdom, as the Book of James encourages, and read the Proverbs for examples of insightful truths about what defines a good […]

Marvel film is visually stunning

REVIEW: Balanced introduction in ‘Doctor Strange’

Marvel’s newest film “Doctor Strange” delivers the expected: it’s good. After the critical and commercial success of “Captain America: Civil War,” the standards set for following Marvel films skyrocketed. The graceful execution of “Civil War” and the introduction of Spider-Man and Black Panther in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) left audiences everywhere excited and eager […]

Modern idolatry widely prevalent

Bob Dylan, the most recent Nobel Prize winner in Literature, composed a song that identifies dozens of types of people: businessmen, thieves, ambassadors, rock stars, rich folks, doctors, the list goes on. According to Dylan, it doesn’t matter who you are because in the end — be it the devil or the Lord — you […]

Big Money, no problem

Liberal bias against large political donations is found hypocritical

Presidential Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin came to Seattle Pacific to give a free public lecture last spring entitled, “When They Were Young.” While answering questions, Goodwin made a statement that many Seattle locals and like-minded left-leaning voters agree with: we need to get money out of politics. This statement moved the audience to an interrupting […]

Food, art by same standards

The best type of food is the kind recommended by nutritionists and that ordinary people find tasty. The best kind of art is characterized by similar qualities; it stimulates the viewer’s sense of intrigue while inspiring them with important themes. This standard for measuring the value of an artwork’s effect — nutritious and delicious (N&D) […]